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The start of a new video series, I confess a few things that are on my mind. With the New York Comic Con convention coming to a close, I have no qualms about professing I’m a big convention geek. This isn’t something just reserved for the young and single.

You can see our whole Confession playlist on our Youtube channel (youtube.com/everythingmom).

Would you classify yourself as a geek parent? Have you attended conventions or fan expos with your kids? It seems being a geek parent isn’t as much of an anomaly as many would like to believe. We’ve gathered a few posts that believe so too. In addition to my confession, checkout the video my son and I did on our NYCC 2017 Pop Exclusive Hunt.

Convention Geek: 6 Posts for Geek Parents

5 Ways to Meet Fellow Geek Parents

(Wired) “Meeting parents to connect with is hard as it is, much less finding moms and dads who can discuss gaming, Star Trek, and sleep training all in one conversation.”

I Am a Geek Parent (Role Reboot, Life Off Script) “Being a geek parent means hiding my dancing Groot in my bedroom so the kids don’t run out the battery.”

5 Lessons We can Learn from Geek Parents (Why.org) “Thanks to my father, my sister Maren and I were raised on a healthy diet of geek-tacular movies and TV shows, from the original Star Trek to the Star Wars trilogy, from The Twilight Zone to Raiders of the Lost Ark, from The Black Adder to Young Frankenstein.

11 Signs Your the Geek Mom Everyone Wants to Be (Romper) “Nerd icon Wil Wheaton defined, rather perfectly, what it means to be a geek. “Being a nerd is not about what you love,” he said. “It’s about the way that you love it.”

Comic Con With a Stroller: Geek Parents with Kids Under 5 (K-Squared Ramblings) “I grew up in a fannish family and my parents took me and my brother along to sci-fi/fantasy cons when we were younger. So when our son was born, we didn’t plan to stop going to Comic-Con.”

Generational Fandom: Parents Pass the Geek Torch to a New Generation (Reddit Blog) “Like family heirlooms or a love of a particular sports team, dads and moms are passing along their joy of Star Wars, comic books, and other fandoms and creating a special bond with their children.”

What’s your favourite way to express your geekdom as a parent? What conventions are on your list? Confession is good for the soul.

Sharing is Caring!

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