Challenge Yourself: Shaking Hands

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First impressions can set the tone for a conversation and determine how others perceive you. Like your demeanor and dress, your handshake can speak volumes about the type of person you are. It also presents a great opportunity to challenge yourself.

A personal challenge doesn’t always have to be a monumental task, like building a back deck or trying your hand at skydiving. Challenges are meant to push you a little, learn new things and perhaps discover a hidden talent. Some challenges can be used to build on your self-confidence.

Your challenge, should you accept it, is to add a little confidence to your handshake. That’s it.

Too many women in my experience seem to feel that shaking hands is a masculine thing; something men do at business meetings. Yet many women opt for a weakened position by grasping the recipient’s fingers or offering a limp wrist hand shake. Some women don’t even extend a hand to shake at all.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a really good handshake? That firm, palm-to-palm, whole body is behind it type of handshake? When you receive a handshake like that, you can’t help but take notice of the person offering it. You feel their confidence and authority.

Women deserve to be just as powerful and confident as men and we should express that when extending our hand in a greeting. As The Daily Mind states ‘to others [a handshake] is a massive indication of a person’s depth of character, trustworthiness and strength. When you shake hands with a person you are doing much more than saying “hello”. You are saying “this is who I am“.’ Their article How to Shake Hands Like JFK and Make an Impression, offers some great tips on the perfect handshake, from the firm grip to making eye contact and the correct use of your left hand.

A really good handshake is full of confidence and presence. Even the shyest individual can make a strong statement with a good handshake. A great handshake not only exudes confidence but it also helps reinforce your own confidence level. You feel great giving a handshake; you can’t help but feel confidence in yourself. And the more you do it, the more confidence will come across in your handshake. What a wonderful cycle. All you need to do is challenge yourself to make the first move, or handshake.

You are an amazing woman and whether you’re at a conference or attending a party when you introduce yourself to someone they should feel your confidence and enthusiasm for life.

Sharing is Caring!