Challenge Yourself: Everyone Wants You

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Those people who walk by you on the street? The ones you envy just a little? They are no different from you. You may think I’m kidding but it has nothing to do with their clothes or their figure. It has everything to do with something we all have, if you are willing to challenge yourself.

A personal challenge doesn’t always have to be a monumental task, like learning to fly an airplane or traveling around the world. Challenges are meant to push you a little, learn new things and perhaps discover a hidden talent. Some challenges are designed to bring out what you have buried deep inside.

Your challenge, should you accept it, is to remember that everyone wants you. That’s it.

Okay, compared to the other challenges I’ve tossed your way, this one may sound a little shallow but I think it’s these thoughts of not being desirable that can have a profound negative affect on you.

You see people around you and wish you had their hair, their figure or their clothes when in most cases it has nothing to do with these superficial elements. We’re attracted to the people. It is true that having beautiful hair and a fresh-from-the-gym figure can make you feel pretty darn good. I know I’ve walked out of the hair salon with my head held higher than when I walked in. But I’ve discovered it is possible to feel this way everyday, even without a new haircut.

It’s not the things we’re attracted to; it’s the people that draw our eye. You can pick them out in crowd, the ones that walk with purpose and confidence. This isn’t the same as arrogance though sometimes they can be confused. No, the people we’re drawn too have a kindness, a happiness, and an assuredness about them.

Deep inside you is buried these same traits, the traits that attract us to others. Years of media, friends, and your inner voice have buried these deep down, causing you to believe that you are not as beautiful or as smart or as worthy as those around you. If only I could fit into a size 6 or I had someone to do my hair and make-up every morning, then things would be so different. These thoughts are a burden, weighing on you like a heavy winter coat, pushing you down, and hunching you over. This is what the world around you sees and what they react to.

But you are beautiful and smart and oh so worthy. Shrug off that mountain of doubt pressing on your shoulders. Every person you walk by should see you and want to be with you.  At first you might have to dig deep to bring up those feelings. Remind yourself how you felt after a great workout or when someone complemented you on your outfit. Let that thought linger in your mind. The more you think this way, the more you believe it to be true and the taller you will walk. The more you believe this to be true, the more other people will witness this, feeding back into your confidence.

It may sound silly, imagining those feelings, but after awhile you won’t have to conjure up these images. You will believe it because it’s true.

It may seem obvious, the more confidence you have in yourself, the more positive energy exudes from your body for others to notice, but many of us, including myself, don’t do this. We forget, lost in other thoughts or worries. Sometime the obvious solutions are the ones that we ignore. So go strut your stuff and smile, imagine that all eyes are on you. Time to remind yourself that everyone wants you. And why shouldn’t they? You are amazing.

Are you up for the challenge?

Sharing is Caring!

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