Challenge Yourself: Do It Now

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Groceries need to be bought. Clothes need to be washed. With our To-Do list growing we sometimes have to make priorities, focus on things that have to be done now and shuffling other tasks to the bottom of the pile. Until that pile becomes insurmountable. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself.

A personal challenge doesn’t always have to be a monumental task, like growing all of your own food or going cold turkey over coffee. Challenges are meant to push you a little, learn new things and perhaps discover a hidden talent. Some challenges can help you get things done.

Your challenge, should you accept it, to do things now. That’s it.

It’s true, we only have so many hours during our day and we deserve to have some personal time too. Not every single moment should be filled with a task. But I’ll be the first to admit I sometimes use my lack of time as an excuse to not do things, especially tasks I don’t enjoy.

Laundry is a big one for me. Doing laundry is easy especially since my laundry facilities are located in my main bathroom. It’s easy to toss a load of laundry on when the kids are getting ready for school or bed. It’s the folding and putting away that I have issues with. I’m sometimes digging through the clean laundry basket to find clothes for the kids based on laundry I did a week ago. There’s something about the laundry basket that gives me permission to put off the folding. I put the clean clothes in it and sit it in the hallway. Then it gets moved to my bed, then over by the closet. My intention is to put the clothes away but since they’re tucked away in a nice neat basket, easy for people to access, I don’t feel the urgency to take care of it. The main thing is the clothes are clean right?

Okay, so maybe we all got a little tired of digging through the basket to pull out a wrinkled pair of uniform pants. To break my habit I have stopped using laundry baskets. Instead I carry the clean clothes from the dryer and toss them on my bed. Each time I come into my room I’m faced with a sprawling pile of clean clothes, beckoning me to put them away. Without the basket I can shift them to another spot on the bed but they’re still on my bed. Without the basket I can’t put them on the floor or else I’ll end up washing the whole load all over again before anyone has had a chance to wear them. Nope, I have to fold and put them away. And I do. There are no more baskets of laundry piled in the corner of my room. There’s no more hamper diving through the clean clothes. Has this change interfered with my busy day? Not really. Either way the clothes have to be folded and put away. At least now I do them one load at a time versus being overwhelmed at folding our entire wardrobe in one sitting.

We all have tasks we put off because we’re ‘busy’. Some of these tasks do require the time we don’t have at the moment but some we just put off because we don’t want to do them. For me it’s folding laundry. For someone else it might be sewing a button on a shirt. Instead of ‘never do[ing] today what you can put off till tomorrow.’ Just do it.

Are you up to the challenge?

Sharing is Caring!

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