Boston Pizza Gives a Little Heart

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What’s that expression? The quickest way to your family’s heart is through their stomach? That’s true when it comes to Boston Pizza and their heart-shaped pizza available only on February 14.

Like many families, my kids make Valentine’s Day cards to give out at school but another more personal tradition is enjoying a night out as a family savouring our own heart-shaped pizza creations. We stumbled upon this tradition almost eight years ago in a small Boston Pizza restaurant in Owen Sound and now it’s something we look forward to every year. Who doesn’t love a pizza that loves you back? That’s the feeling I get seeing the cheesy veggie topped heart-shaped treat sitting in front of me.

Beyond the fun we have as a family, there’s a warm feeling I get knowing that one-dollar from each heart-shaped pizza ordered benefits the Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects, marking it’s 26th anniversary this year. Since the Foundation’s inception, more than $20 million has been raised and donated directly to improve the health and well-being of children and families through such organizations as Big Brothers Big Sisters, JDRF Canada, Live Different, Rick Hansen Foundation, and one of my favourites, Kids Help Phone.

This year Boston Pizza hopes to raise $520,000 for the Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects and the simple act of enjoying a night out with your own family this Valentine’s Day can contribute to the well being of other kids and families. As if you needed an excuse to step away from the kitchen and washing dishes.


If PJs in front of the TV is more your family’s style, grab a heart-shaped pizza to go or have one delivered. Helping kids has never been easier.

Although Boston Pizza’s heart-shaped pizzas are only available once a year on Valentine’s Day, from January 11 to February 14, guests can also purchase a Boston Pizza Peel and Win Heart for a minimum donation of $2 where everyone will have the chance to win either $2 off dessert, $5 off $25 on Takeout and Delivery, a free starter, Panookie or Flatbread Pizzatizer.

This Valentine’s Day eat your heart out with a family pizza night. The kids will enjoy the heart-shaped pizzas, other families and children will benefit from the $1 donation for every heart-shaped pizza you order and you will love a night without worrying about dinner and dishes.

Forget the flowers and chocolate. This Valentine’s Day fill your heart with the savoury tastiness of a heart-shaped pizza and the time spent with your family.

This post was sponsored by Boston Pizza but as always the thoughts and experience are my own.

Sharing is Caring!