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A deal a Day, to celebrate Canada EH!  Snuggle Bugz is celebrating Canada Day by offering 5 days of Daily Deals. These amazing deals won’t last. One day, One Amazing Deal! Come check out what todays deal is!  Runs June 29th – July 3rd.


Having a baby is an exciting and scary journey, especially if it is your first baby. There is so much information out there and so many people with an opinion or sage advice to share. It can be difficult to navigate the road of motherhood. Any experienced parent will tell you that you just have to go with your gut most of the time but also know when to turn to the experts, doctor, dentists, and of course other parents, especially those well-seasoned, been-in-the-trenches-Moms. Other Moms often give the best advice because they have been there, they have tried all the best and worst products and can give you an honest answer about their experiences. And if you get so lucky as to have a go-to-Mom who is also in the baby business then you hit the jackpot. That is where Snuggle Bugz comes in. It is Canadian owned and operated by one of those in-the-trenches-Moms

Tanya Burmaster started Snuggle Bugz with her husband six years ago. This busy Mom of three knows what it is like to try to juggle everything that motherhood throws in the mix. That is one of the reasons she and her husband jumped into the baby product business. They wanted to give parents a trusted and reliable place where they could shop for the best products for their babies from the most informed and experienced sales staff. Many of the people who work in their two stores are parents themselves. Snuggle Bugz started with only one store in Burlington and quickly grew to a second location in Milton and online with more than 10,000 product lines available right across Canada. “Snuggle Bugz knows new parents just want to snuggle with their baby so we have made shopping online for all your babies needs quick, easy, and reliable. ” That is the beauty of online shopping, you never have to leave the comfort of your own house, no packing up the kids into the car or even getting out of your p.j’s. (great for those up-all-night kind of nights)

Something else that is great about www.snugglebugz.ca is the blog section. These posts are written by Moms for Moms. There is invaluable information in those posts, nuggets about products for babies but nuggets about life with baby and all things motherhood. The blog writers touch on all those issues we face everyday, like toilet training, babies and the sun and how best to protect your little one, or how to buy a stroller. A real resource. Again it comes back to those experts, and who better to help you through motherhood than other mothers.

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Sharing is Caring!