Share a Little Magic with Kids

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Sharing is Caring!

Books have a magical property to them. They allow children to escape into a world of pirates and magicians, dancers and clowns. You can see this magic at work every time you sit and read a story with your child. Unfortunately not all children have access to this type of magic but they should and you can help.


The Children’s Book Bank provides free books and literacy support to children in high needs areas in Toronto. Through Canada’s first storefront “book bank” The Children’s Book Bank puts about 10,000 books a month into the hands of children who might not be able to afford their own book collection. That’s a lot of books.

And where do these books come from? The Children’s Book Bank collects gently used children’s books, some are donations from publishers and retailers but many are from families like yours and mine. As new favourites replace old favourites, why not collect these books and donate them to The Children’s Book Bank? These old favourites might just find a new home and become another child’s new favourite or maybe their only favourite.

If you have old books looking for a new home chances are other families do too. Talk to other moms in your child’s playgroup, school or dance class to add to the donation collection. The books must be in good condition, less than ten years old, and written for children under twelve (sorry no adult or young adult books please).

Whether it’s an escape after a bad day, a journey to discover something new, or just a place to dream, a book offers a little magic into a child’s life. You share that magic at home with your own children; why not share some of this magic with others. Donate a book today and give a child a new favourite. 

Sharing is Caring!

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