Women’s Body Image and Sex

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Dr. Trina’s Point

This is one area I really feel for you guys. How do you put up with women being so melt-down freaky about their body? Brian, what can I say to women around their body image that hasn’t been said a thousand times before? 

Women have been there, done that, wear the t-shirt.

Eighty percent of women are dissatisfied with their bodies. Five to ten million adolescent girls and adult women struggle with eating disorders in the United States alone. Almost half of all American women are on a diet any day of the week.

A recent Penn State study published in The Journal of Sex Research that women’s sexual function and satisfaction is affected more by their body image than by menopause.

Women understand how the multi-billion dollar fashion industry promotes every second of every minute how their body is inadequate.

You men are probably scratching your heads wondering: if women know all of this, why are they paralyzed at the thought of letting loose in the bedroom and shaking what their mamma gave them?

A woman’s body is as unique as her fingerprint—the yummy bits as well as the rolls, sagginess, and cellulite.

The more obsessed women become with their bodies, the more they bleed away their personal power. Obsession usually masks as indifference or control. Three ubiquitous qualities that completely smother the spark in the bedroom. It’s the truest way to selfishly push your partner away.

Tell me Brian, what do men think of all this body image craziness?

Dr. Brian’s Counterpoint

Men can’t figure out what the big fuss is about. Contrary to popular belief, most men don’t get excited over zero percent body fat. Most men prefer women to be curvy and voluptuous.

Men and women often argue about having sex with the lights on or off. Men are turned on visually. They love to see their partner’s naked body in sensual acts. Many women, however, prefer sex with the lights off. Sure you females are not as visual as us men, but the reason you’re always turning out the lights is most often because of body image issues.

Most men don’t care what they look like in the bedroom. Hello Trina, how many men have you heard brag about how much money they’ve spent developing their beer belly?

You women are so hard on yourself when it comes to body image. While you don’t like what you see in the mirror, your male counterpart is likely to be pleased with what they see. In fact, men often over-estimate their attractiveness, while women seem to obsess about their own lack of perfection.

We all need to lead happy and healthy lives, both physically and mentally. Once we are realistic about achieving ‘our best,’ we can be happier in and out of the bedroom.

You gals feel you need to look like your ‘not so average’ fashion model to be beautiful. But, even the fashion industry is taking miniscule steps to expand their definition of beauty.

I’ve talked to many women who hold back from trying new and exciting sexual positions for fear of looking chubby. Interestingly, men think an enthusiastic partner is a much bigger turn on than one without the extra roll. Further, the chance of having an orgasm is drastically reduced if you’re sucking in that tummy during sex.

Come on girls, we’re not taking your body so serious, so why should you? And remember, if body image is an issue for you, just have sex. You’ll be burning about 200 calories per hour while you’re doing it.

Sharing is Caring!