12 Surprising Reasons Why Do Guys Flirt When They are not Interested

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You met a guy at a party. You liked him. You talked with each other and flirted the entire time. But to your surprise, he left the party without asking for your number.

Is this your story?

Well, guys are complex creatures. Most of the time, you fail to understand what’s going on in their minds.

A girl and a guy flirt with each other to understand if there is any physical attraction or compatibility between them. It’s the beginning of any love relationship.

People get into a relationship when their flirting game matches and think they can be great for each other as a couple.

But when a guy flirts with you, and you think that things will move forward, and then it ends right there, you wonder why guys flirt when they aren’t interested.

It can be very frustrating. I understand. And this is especially true for girls who got genuinely interested in the guy after flirting. After all, it’s always good when things are transparent, and you know where things are heading, if at all.

So, if you have ever wondered why guys flirt and have tried to look for reasons, here I am with the answer.

All you have to do is read this article till the end. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into reasons, shall we?

Why Do Guys Flirt When They Aren’t Interested?

Sometimes what a guy does makes you feel clueless. And one such time is when they flirt with you but don’t make any move.

That is when you question yourself, “Is this guy flirting with me? Then why isn’t he making the move?”

Well, when you flirt right, you can get a sneak peek into your relationship in terms of compatibility and romance.

But it’s not cool when the guy you liked at the party and flirted till the end didn’t care to add you to his social media friend list or take your number.

The following are some reasons guys flirt but don’t want to go out with you. Read on.

1. He is Already in a Relationship

He is Already in a Relationship

If in case a guy is flirting with you but doesn’t want to take things further, this can be because he is already in a relationship and he is talking to you because he is bored in his relationship.

Did you know that according to a report, about 42% of people were in a relationship when they signed up on Tinder?

It can be shocking but true. The guy is probably looking for fun and excitement outside his relationship.

2. He Doesn’t Even Realize he is Flirting

Many guys are confused in nature, especially when it comes to love relationships.

The guy you are talking to may not even know he is flirting and is genuinely complimenting or saying good things about you.

Maybe he is interested in you and wants to ask for your number but doesn’t have the courage to do so.

Another possibility is that he did not pick up on your flirting despite being interested in you and missed the great opportunity to be with you.

3. You Picked up the Wrong Signal

You Picked up the Wrong Signal

Well, it’s not always the guy. You can pick up the wrong signal too!

The guy is friendly, makes you laugh and feel happy, and compliments you multiple times. But that doesn’t mean he has a special feeling for you.

Maybe he is naturally friendly and behaves the same way with everyone. But you thought he was flirting with you, and you flirted back, while the reality is completely different.

Girl, he likes you. But on a platonic level. He sees you as a good friend and wants to be that way. And that is why he didn’t ask you out.

4. He Likes You but Doesn’t Want to Date You

Have you met this guy who seemed interested in you and flirted with you the entire time but didn’t want to date you?

If your answer is “yes,” there can be multiple reasons behind his behavior.

Have you met him through a dating app? Then the chances are that he is already in a committed or married relationship!

Maybe he is single but not ready to mingle. Why? Because he has commitment or trust issues. And he can’t be in a long-term relationship.

Maybe he is out there to be with you for just one night, have fun, and then go on their merry way. But he realized you are looking for a serious relationship, so he decided to go elsewhere.

5. He is Lonely and Desperate

He is Lonely and Desperate

If a guy is lonely, many a time, he may become desperate for companionship. In that case, he flirts with just any woman he meets.

It often leads to inappropriate interactions with women.

So, if you see that the guy flirting with you has crossed all his limits or if you feel uncomfortable with his flirting techniques, be sure to let him know.

 Doing so will prevent any unwanted situation, and he will walk away without taking things further or asking for more.

6. He Likes Attention

There is no denying the fact that flirting is fun.

What the most interesting about flirting is that some men are addicted to this feeling. They love it when you listen to them give all your attention and ask them about themselves while keeping eye contact the entire time.

They love the feeling of being desired by women.

It’s why those guys flirt with you and even ask you for your number, and when it’s your time to respond, they leave because all they want is to flirt and nothing more than that.

7. He Wants to Feel Good About Himself

He Wants to Feel Good About Himself

Did you know some men flirt to provide food for their self-esteem and to feel validated?

The guy you met may be one of them.

These men like when you say good things about them, such as how handsome they are, how good a conversation starter they are, you funny they are, and so on.

They feed their self-esteem with those words and feel good about themselves. And that is exactly why they are with you in the first place.

When they have enough of your praise to boost their ego, they will leave, keeping you hanging.

8. He is Practicing

Now, this is one of the most common reasons why guys flirt!

The guy you have met may not be interested in you and is flirting with you because he wants to be the best at this game.

He wants to know how it feels to flirt with a girl and be better so he doesn’t face rejection when genuinely interested in a girl.

Maybe he’s flirting with you to see what actually works and what doesn’t. And then, when he genuinely finds a girl attractive, he will be his best version of a flirt without being nervous or anxious.

So, if you sense something like this, don’t stress and move on.

9. He is Making Some Other Girl Jealous

He is Making Some Other Girl Jealous

Sometimes when a guy flirts with you and doesn’t show any interest in taking things further, it can be because he isn’t interested in you but someone else. And he is flirting with you to make that girl jealous.

So, he is playing hard to get the girl he actually likes. This tactic has proved fruitful in the past, especially for guys who struggle to let the other person know about their feelings.

Not clear?

Let me give you an example. Suppose a guy likes a girl, and you are that girl’s best friend. Now that guy will talk and flirt with you to make her friend, his actual love interest, jealous. And this could lead to that girl confessing her feelings for this guy.

While this tactic can work, it can leave you devastated, especially if you have started liking this guy too.

10. He is Getting Mixed Signals from You

Have you ever met a funny guy with great conversation skills who can flirt well? Did you find him interesting, and you wanted to take things further?

But to your great disappointment, did he end things and didn’t even ask for your number?

Are you wondering why he spent an entire afternoon flirting with you when he didn’t intend to get your number?

You may wonder if it’s you who has done something wrong.

Well, girl, the chances are that you have given a mixed signal.

Maybe he was interested in you, but he got mixed signals from you and thought you were looking for a friend and not a romantic connection.

So, whatever your intentions are, be clear about it.

11. Flirting is a Game to Him

Flirting is a Game to Him

Did you know that some guys flirt with you without being interested in you because they see flirting as a game?

You already know that flirting is fun, giving you all the validation and attention you need from strangers. And that is exactly what these guys like about flirting.

I used to know a guy in college who flirted with girls and collected their numbers. He even had a group of friends who would do the same. In the evening, they used to meet and boast about how many girls’ numbers they had collected all day!

The guy who ghosted you might be one such guy to whom flirting is just a game.

Don’t stress much. You are not the only girl he has done this to.

12. You Started Flirting First, and he is Just Being Polite

Were you the one who made the first move and started flirting with this guy?

More power to you, girl! Many guys like it when the girl makes the first move as they think you are confident. And what better than a confident and hot girl to have a connection with, right?

But if you found this guy attractive from across the room, walked up to him, and started flirting, he might flirt with you only to be polite. He might not be interested in you.

And this can be the reason he didn’t ask for your number or ask you for a date.


Flirting with the person you like or want to go out with can be fun. But it becomes frustrating if the guy keeps you hanging or ends the matter there.

Things become unpleasant for the girl if the guy flirts and then disappears. That is when they may wonder why guys flirt when they are not interested.

I hope the reasons I have discussed above have thrown some light on the question and you got the answer.

Do you want to know anything else about flirting and ghosting?

Tell me in the comments, and I’ll try to answer them!

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