Mommy Business Trip: What Are Your Reasons?

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Our friend @CocktailDeeva shared this article, “The Mommy Business Trip” from the Wall Street Journal on Facebook today, and I immediately got my knickers in a knot. I felt the author completely missed one major element to the story. For me, it is the main reason, the business reason.

The essence of the story painted conferences more as mommy getaways, a chance to “escape” vs accessing opportunities to learn, grow and share.

Yes, these conferences offer all sorts of fun, laughter and, most importantly, friendship. But to put it out there that “Conferences Appeal to Women With a Guilt-Free, Child-Free Reason to Leave Home“? I felt the author completely dumbed down mothers who publish online.

All Moms Need a Break

Moms do need a break, abso-freaking-lutely. They do not need an excuse to take one.

The reasons moms attend conferences are vastly different and individual. For some, it might just be to simply have break. For others, it might be to speak directly to their market, build their brand or learn something new. For plenty of us, it provides an easy way to gather up all the lovely faces in our social screens and love all over them in real life.

All reasons are relevant.

It is not simple and there is not just one reason. There are many. And to insinuate otherwise with graphics like this completely debases the intelligence of women bloggers and online publishers.

What are your reasons for attending conferences? Have you ever felt you had to justify your conference attendance?

Image soucre: CL Buchanan Photography @ the BlissdomCanada Conference in Toronto (where we had loads of fun AND grew our business).

Updated to add:  You must read this article by Katherine Stone who is none to happy with how they portrayed her in the article.  Her thoughts, and the comments thereafter sum up my thoughts far better than I can express here.


Sharing is Caring!

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