6 Signs Someone From Your Past is Coming Back: Anticipating a Reunion With Familiar Faces

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Relationships are not easy. They take years to build, nurture and grow. It’s true for all kinds of relationships. It can be friendships, romantic relationships, professional relationships, and more.

And it hurts when that relationship breaks, no matter how serious or trivial the reason behind the breakup is.

The more time you spend with this person, the more it hurts.

When we part ways, we do that because we are angry, hurt, or sad. At that moment, we promise to never talk to that person again.

But when our anger for that person disappears, or the anger subsides, we tend to want to get close to that person again.

It’s when most patch-ups happen. And it happens because we still care for that person or have feelings for them.

Have you parted ways with your best friend lately? Have you broken up with your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend? Did you get separated from your husband or wife?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions and you wonder if they will ever get back into your life, this article is for you!

Here I have talked about signs someone from your past is coming back.

So, all you need is to relax and read the article, and you will get your answer at the end.

Shall we start with the signs now?

Read on.

Signs Someone From Your Past is Coming Back

You know it takes a lot to build a good relationship, whether it’s between friends, husband-wife, or lovers and colleagues.

After all, you don’t click with everyone you meet, right?

There should be a certain level of understanding, respect, and trust.

But when one such relationship breaks because of cheating, lies, disrespect, and carelessness, it hurts a lot.

However, after the initial few days of parting ways, if you realize that you still want to be with that person as your feelings for them are still there, you might want to get them back in your life.

That is where the question arises, “Do they want to come back into your life again?”

To help you find the answer, I have come up with a list of signs someone from your past is coming back.

And to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, I have made multiple sections. So, jump straight to you what you need!

Signs Your Best Friend Wants to Be Back

Signs Your Best Friend Wants to Be Back

Good friends are for life. After all, they are the ones with whom you can share everything and anything.

But if, for certain reasons, you have parted ways and now want them to be in your life again, you need to understand if that is something they want too.

The following are some definitive signs your ex-best friend wants to be friends again.

1. They Get in Touch With You Often

Is it often that you find the name of your ex-best friend on your smartphone’s screen? Do they call you or text you frequently?

Or did you notice that they have often shared reels and memes with you?

If so, it means they are missing you. They miss the time when you used to spend time together and send each other funny memes and reels.

They are looking for a way to initiate the conversation. It means they want to come back into your life.

2. They Want to Meet You

They Want to Meet You

Is your ex-best friend calling you or texting you to meet them? Have they already decided on a random location? Or have they made a plan for a get-together with your mutual friends?

It’s a clear sign that they want to be friends with you again. They might have parted ways with you earlier because of a trivial reason. But now, they have understood their mistakes and want to get back.

3. They Want to Talk About Their Present Life With You

Do you know what is the best thing about having an amazing friend?

You can talk with them about anything you want. You can share your fear, joy, and happiness knowing they won’t judge you.

But when you stop talking to each other because of certain reasons, you start missing all those happy moments.

If your best friend wants to reunite with you, they will want to talk to you about their present life, like they used to. They will want to let you know what new has happened in their life since you stopped talking.

And that’s a pretty clear sign they want to reenter your life.

4. They Don’t Fail to Wish You on Your Important Days

They Don’t Fail to Wish You on Your Important Days

You know, my best friend and I were very close. We were almost always together, making fun of ourselves, making travel plans that never happened, and making silly mistakes that we regretted later.

Now we both are married and have kids. We don’t get much time to talk to each other every day, but we never fail to wish each other on our special days. It includes birthdays, anniversaries, and whatnot.

If you and your ex-friend still love each other, they will make it a point to wish you on your special days, whether you have parted ways or not.

5. They Often Talk About Things You Did Together

Does your ex-best friend call you often? If so, what are they talking about? Do they often talk about the times you have spent together?

Then it means they’re missing those happy memories they have shared. Now that you are no longer best friends, they miss those moments.

They want to be friends with you again and make more happy memories. But as they don’t know if you are on the same page, they are bringing up old memories to see how you react.

6. They Check You on Social Media

They Check You on Social Media

These days, social media plays a huge role in people’s relationships. I have a couple of friends who met their better halves on Facebook, dated, and then got married.

When you part ways with someone such as your best friend, one of the first things you do is block them from all your social media accounts. It’s because you don’t want them in your life anymore and are least interested in knowing what they are up to.

But things are different when you want to be friends with them again.

Did your ex-best friend block you earlier but unlocked you again? Are they viewing your stories? Are they reacting to your posts?

If your answer is “yes” to all these questions, they will likely be no longer angry with you. They have overcome their issues and are ready to embrace you as their best friend again.

Sign Your Ex-Husband or Ex-Wife Wants to Be Back

Is your ex-husband or ex-wife behaving positively with you lately? Are you wondering what this sudden change in their behavior means?

Here I have come up with a list of definitive signs your ex-husband or wife wants to be back in your life.

Some signs can be tricky, but they are very clear for you to understand what they are up to.

Read on.

1. They Tell You How Much They Have Changed

They Tell You How Much They Have Changed

You and your ex-husband or wife have separated for a reason, right? Was it because of your partner’s annoying habits?

Each person has different habits. You know, my husband and I were school buddies. We dated since we were in college and are now married for six long years.

Even after being with him for so long before marriage, I wasn’t aware that he was a pro gamer and played games until three a.m. Yes, it was a shock to me, but I have some annoying habits too.

Now, if your ex-husband or wife gets in touch with you and tells you how they have changed the habits you didn’t like, it’s a clear sign that they want you to consider them in your life.

2. They Ask You About Your Love Life

When you get separated from your significant other, you are in pain. You might be reminded of the good times you spent with them when you see other lovey-dovey couples.

You might cry and have sleepless nights thinking about your broken marriage.

And then the chances are that when you get over this entire thing, you might meet someone with whom you like to spend your time, someone who understands and cares for you.

There’s a reason that your ex-partner wants to know about your present love life. Before they tell you about their intention of getting back together, they want to make sure that you aren’t seeing anyone else.

3. They Tell You That They Miss You

They Tell You That They Miss You

Couples who opt for separation don’t have any romantic connection between them. There is no intimacy and no affection.

Now, was your ex-partner never a romantic one? Did they never make any romantic gesture that can sweep you off your feet?

But suddenly, after all this time, are they calling you to tell you they miss you?

Then it’s very clear that they want to sort things out between the two of you.

4. They Are Sorry For Their Mistakes

You and your ex-husband or wife are separated today. And the reason is very serious, that I understand.

Maybe they have lied to you, cheated you, or done something that has broken your heart. And as a result, you separated.

But if your ex-partner is telling you they are sorry for their wrongdoings, that means they regret what happened.

They want you to know that they have realized their mistake and have changed as a person.

It’s a definitive sign they want to be back in your life.

5. You Are Included in Their Future Plans

You Are Included in Their Future Plans

Being separated from your husband or wife means you are no longer together, and you have your own separate future goals.

But if you are still in touch with your ex-husband or wife and talk to each other occasionally, you have a friendly vibe going around.

Now, what are the things that you are talking about? Do you talk about the weather, or do you talk about things such as your future goals and plans?

If your answer is “yes” to the latter, let me ask, “Have they mentioned your name while talking about their plans for the future?”

If they do, accidentally or intentionally, it means they secretly want to be back with you.

6. They Ask For Your Advice

When you are in a marriage, you and your significant other ask for each other’s advice and point of view when you are going through a tough time. It makes you feel valued and respected.

But things are not the same when you have a broken marriage and are no longer together.

Now, does your separated partner call you often and ask for your valuable advice on important issues?

It means they still regard your advice as valuable. And they want you to know about everything happening in their life.


Parting ways with the special people in your life is very difficult. You feel empty inside. I understand.

But there are plenty of instances where estranged husbands and wives have reunited again.

All you have to do is look for the signs I have discussed.

Don’t be in haste when making any decisions. Take time, think, and decide whether your partner wants to return.

Was this article helpful? Let me know in the comments!

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