10 Signs My Ex Will Never Talk to Me Again: Recognizing The End of Communication

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Have you parted ways with your partner recently, and going through a tough phase of your life right now? Well, I understand. Breakups are difficult. And sometimes, messy. I can say from my own experience.

During my dating days with my now-husband, then boyfriend, there was never a month in which we didn’t break up! But no matter how often we broke up, we always knew we would be together again. We had this trust in each other and knew we would get married someday.

Is your relationship with your partner something like mine? Do you guys break up casually, knowing you will patch up in the next few days? Or is your breakup a serious kind, where you know that the chances of getting back together are very slim?

Now, this can be very confusing. One moment you feel that you will patch up soon as love is still in your relationship. The next moment, you two no longer have feelings for each other.

When confronted with such a situation, you might wonder, “What are the signs my ex will never talk to me again?”

Well, I can help!

Definite Signs Your Ex Will Never Talk to You Again

There’re so many things going on in your mind after a breakup. You have tons of questions for yourself.

For example, Did I choose the wrong person? How did I not see this side of my partner earlier? How can I be so dumb not to understand their lies? Whose fault was it exactly?

And once you are over these questions and the first few days after your breakup, you wonder, “What are the signs my ex will never talk to me again?”

And to help you with that, I have come up with a list of some of the most definite signs that your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend will not return to you, and it’s time you moved on.

Read on.

1. They Have Unfriended And Blocked You on All Social Media Platforms

They Have Unfriended And Blocked You on All Social Media Platforms

These days, we are all on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. No matter how often we talk to all our social media friends, we stay in touch.

The same can be said for many ex-couples. Maybe they are not together, not talk to each other much, but still, they are friends with each other or at least on talking terms.

But has your ex blocked you from all the social media platforms?

It means that they don’t want to communicate with you.

 If that happens, the sooner you move on, the better.

2. They Are Not Replying to Your Messages

You find it difficult to forget each other when you part ways after being together for a long time. And after the first few days of staying apart, when the heat between you lessens, you tend to bother your ex like you used to.

As a result, you sometimes text them, saying a simple “Hey,” or asking about their whereabouts.

 Have you done this too? What was the reaction of your ex? Did they text you back?

If your answer is “yes,” then the chances are that you will be together again, as you both have not stopped caring for each other.

But if your ex hasn’t texted you back even after you sent them more than one text, there’s a high chance that they don’t want to talk to your anymore. It’s a sign that it’s time to move on.

3. They Are Enjoying Their Life Post Breakup

They Are Enjoying Their Life Post Breakup

It takes a lot to get over a breakup. And why won’t it be

You loved this person, spent time with them, made beautiful memories together, and then, one day, you two broke up.

It isn’t easy. Now, not all people react the same after a breakup. While some indulge in self-love, others go into depression and even emotional breakdowns.

How has your ex reacted to your breakup? Have they gone into an emotional breakdown, or are they enjoying their life?

If the answer is “yes” to the latter, it can mean they’re happy after your exit from their life. And they’re no longer interested in returning into their life.

4. They Are Cold Toward You

The reason behind a breakup may be something serious or maybe not.

No matter what the reason is, we almost always feel angry at the time we break up. And this anger stems from the underlying sadness.

Maybe one of you has done something that has hurt the other person, maybe one of you felt you’re incompatible with each other, or maybe you have parted ways because of external reasons such as family issues.

All these lead to sadness and then break up.

So, once you break up, if your ex shows anger towards you, it indicates they still care for you. But suppose they have become very cold or indifferent towards you. In that case, it means they no longer feel the same for you.

5. They Are with Someone Else

They Are with Someone Else

While some people take forever to move on after a breakup, others make the switch very quickly.

If your ex falls into the latter category, you may find them active on dating apps. Likely, they have already started seeing someone new.

And if that is the case, they may want to give you less time and attention than they used to. They may feel it would be wrong to remain in touch with you while seeing someone else.

Also, the person they are seeing now may have issues with your ex still being in touch with you.

It’s a clear sign that your ex may never talk to you again.

6. Your Relationship Was Toxic

Romanic relationships should be such that they should be able to nurture you and make you a better version of yourself.

But things are not the same when you are in a toxic relationship.

In this kind of relationship, you feel like you are the happiest person in the world, and the other moment, you feel like the saddest person on this planet. And the worst part of this relationship is that you start thinking you will never be able to move on.

The push and pull of a toxic relationship can drain you easily.

Do you think that the relationship you had with your ex was toxic?

Then there is a high chance your ex will not contact you anymore.

7. You Did Something That Cannot Be Forgiven

You Did Something That Cannot Be Forgiven

As I said earlier, many reasons can be behind a breakup. What was yours?

Did you do something unforgivable? Did you lie to your ex? Did you cheat on them?

If you did any of these and are completely aware that the mistake is yours, your ex might feel relieved now that you are not in their life anymore.

They may feel liberated. Also, they may not want you to be with them as they are fed up with your lies.

If this is the case, they will not talk to you anymore.

8. They Are Avoiding You Physically

Have you noticed that your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend avoided you after your breakup?

Have they stopped going to the café which was your favorite and where you used to spend a lot of time together?

Have they taken the membership of a new gym class so they don’t have to bump into you?

Have they stopped going to the events you know they would never miss?

If your answer to all these questions is a big “yes,” then it’s a clear sign that they don’t want to see your face again. They have intentionally avoided all those places where you used to hang out.

In that case, it is better to move on.

9. They Have Removed Your Traces From Their Life

They Have Removed Your Traces From Their Life

Breakups can be messy at times. Once you break up with your partner, dozens of things go on in your mind. And if you want to end things for the better, you tend to get rid of everything that can remind you of your ex.

You may want to return all those things to your ex that belongs to them. In the same way, you may want to take back all the things from your ex that belongs to them.

It could mean returning the gifts they have given you over time, their favorite t-shirt you have been wearing all this time, or even deleting all the pictures that could remind you of them.

If you find your ex eager to do this, know they are working to erase you from their life. And that would mean they aren’t interested in talking to you ever again.

10. It’s Been Months, And They Haven’t Communicated with You Yet

When you break up with your partner, you often feel so angry that you don’t feel like talking to them ever again.

But as days pass, your anger fades, and you start missing that person. You realize your feelings for them have not ended. And then, all your resolve about not talking to them goes away. And you end up sending them a message or calling them.

That’s when you start being with each other again.

But if your ex hasn’t called you, texted you, or communicated with you in any other way, there is a high chance that they have healed from the pain. And they are no longer in love with you.


Moving on after a breakup is hard. It’s especially true for people who have given their all in their relationship.

But once you break up, you get the time to think about what went wrong, where your happiness lay, and where you stand vis-a-vis your relationship.

If your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend has decided to go their separate ways, respect their decision.

Now, did you find this article helpful? Let me know in the comments!

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