13 Subtle Signs He’s Not Into You

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Have you fallen for a guy but are not sure if he is really interested in you or not?

He gives you mixed signals. On some days, he is so much into you that he does not even care about looking at other people around you – he sees only you. And on some days, he seems so disinterested in you that it makes you even question your equation. You are left hanging.

Does it sound like your story?

Oh, honey, you are in a troublesome situation! I know how it feels when you don’t understand which direction to go with your romantic relationship.

Falling in love with the man of your dreams is the best feeling ever! You enjoy your present to the fullest, and you start imagining your future with him. But things can take an ugly turn when you are unsure what to expect from your budding relationship.

The love of your life behaves indifferent toward you, and you feel clueless about where to go with this relationship and what exactly is going on in your guy’s mind.

Has he lost his interest in you? Is he not into you? Is there anyone else in his mind? Has he friend-zoned you?

There are so many questions that come to your mind, and you wish you would be able to know if he likes you or not. Right?

To help you get your answers, here I am with a list of signs he’s not that into you.

Read on.

What Are The Signs He’s Not That Into You?

What Are The Signs He's Not That Into You

What is it that the guy you love is thinking? Is he just flirting around with you, or is he actually interested in you?

Have a look at these signs; he’s not that into you to get all your answers!

1. He Cancels Your Plans With You Every Time

What do you do when you like someone? You want to spend all your time with him, right?

If there is a connection of love between two people, they will always make time for each other and try to spend as much time together as possible. In short, they will always be available for you. And if you make any plans with him, he will always make sure to come with a big smile on his face. After all, seeing you and talking to you is all he wants, right?

But what if your guy is doing just the opposite of it? What if he keeps on cancelling your plans whenever you make any? What if he always comes up with an excuse every time you ask him to meet you?

Well, honey, it is a clear sign that he is not that into you.

2. He Does Not Listen to You When You Speak

He Does Not Listen to You When You Speak

What would you do if you got to spend some time with the person you love?

If you ask me, I will pay my whole attention to what he says and what he does. I would literally stare at him. And maybe I would not even blink as I don’t want to miss the sight of him even for a second! After all, he is the man of my dreams.

Does your guy feel the same for you? Does he look at you when you speak? Does he interact with you like there is no tomorrow? Have you ever caught him staring at you?

If your answer to all these questions is a big “yes,” then know that this guy is head over heels in love with you. But if your answer to these questions is “no,” then it is a clear sign that he does not like you.

He does not value you or your words. That is why you may have found him staring at his phone or looking away while you speak.

3. He Never Reply to Your Texts Instantly

If a guy really likes you, he will jump on his phone to reply to you back whenever they get a text from you. After all, it is a text from you – the girl he likes!

You know, my husband and I were in a long-distance relationship before our marriage. We used to sit attached to our phones, expecting texts from each other throughout the day. And whenever one of us got time from work and texted the other, we would reply instantly! I still remember the butterflies in my stomach whenever my phone blinked after receiving his texts.

This is what happens when you love someone with your whole heart.

But is the guy you like acting differently? Is he taking a lot of time to reply to your texts? Does he come up with excuses every time you ask for an explanation?

If that is the case, then this guy is not that into you.

Yes, it is not possible for him to reply instantly every time you text him, as he may be busy with his job or other things. But when this happens regularly, there is a problem.

4. He is Not The One to Initiate a Conversation

When you fall in love with a guy, you miss him when he is not with you. So you try to get in touch with him whenever you can manage some time. You think about him all day and all night, and you wish him to be by your side.

Is the same happening to you too?

Then you are so much in love with this guy. But wait, is the guy feeling the same for you too? Is he texting you and calling you multiple times in a day whenever he gets time? Is he letting you know that he misses you? Is he saying that he wishes you were there with him? Is he trying hard to get in touch with you? Is he the one to call or text you first, most of the time?

If not, then it is one of the signs he’s not that into you.

5. He Doesn’t Discuss His Future With You

He Doesn’t Discuss His Future With You

If a guy has genuine feelings for you, he will make long-term plans with you. He will be comfortable and happy to talk about your future together.

But if your guy does not do that, it suggests that he does not see his future with you.

Does this guy always change the topic whenever you talk about your future? Does he ask you to enjoy the moment and live in the present? Did you notice him becoming uncomfortable or nervous whenever you bring the topic of your future together?

Then it clearly indicates that he is not into you.

6. He Has Interest in Other Women

If a guy loves you, he will make all the efforts he can just to bring a smile to your face. He will never do anything to hurt you because he values you and knows your worth.

But, is the guy you love not like this? Have you found him flirting with other women? Have you seen him checking out other girls when he is with you? If you go to a pub with him, does he leave your side multiple times and talk to other girls and make them happy instead of you?

If your answer to all these questions is “yes,” then it is very clear that he does not like you.

7. Your Relationship is Mostly Based on Physical Needs

When you love a guy, it is natural to want him physically too. But that does not mean that it is only your physical needs that drive your relationship. Making love to each other is a part of your deep emotions for each other.

Does your partner think like this too?

If so, then you have a great relationship, no doubt. But it is a red flag if things are not the same in your relationship.

Does your guy always make plans at night? Does he like to spend most of his time with you behind closed doors? Does he always talk about having sex? Does he chicken out whenever you talk about your future together?

Then know that he is in the relationship just for the physical aspect of it. He does not have any love for you.

8. You Cannot Rely on Him Completely

You Cannot Rely on Him Completely

The guy you love is not there for you when you feel low. He does not come to you to cheer you up or make any effort to bring a smile to your face. He is never available whenever you need him. He does not cheer you for your achievements in life. He does not encourage and motivate you to fulfil the dreams of your life. And you don’t find him by your side at the most important events of your life.

Does this describe your guy?

Then, dear, he is not serious about you. If he loved you, he would be there for you during your good and bad times. And you could rely on him completely whenever you need help.

9. He Does Not Like People to Know About Your Relationship

If a guy loves you, he will want to show you to the world. He will tell the world that you are his. He will be proud of you. He will treat you as an award, and so he will always flaunt your relationship.

He will introduce you to his friends and family. He will hold your hands in public. And there will be a lot of pictures of you two love birds on his social media!

But if your guy does nothing of the above and wants to hide your relationship from the world, then girl, he is not serious about you.

10. He Does Not Tell You Everything

You were in a relationship with this guy for quite some time: yet, he has not opened up to you. When you ask yourself how much you know this guy emotionally, the answer is not much. You don’t know him that well, despite having sizzling hot chemistry.

Moreover, your partner does not talk to you about his past, family, ambitions, goals, achievements, strengths, or weaknesses. As a result, you find it difficult to connect with him emotionally.

You know, when a person truly loves you, they will tell you everything about themselves, as they will try to create a strong bond with you. They will not hesitate to share their failures with you too.

So, if he does not open up to you, consider it a red flag.

11. He Does Not Show Any Interest in Knowing You

He Does Not Show Any Interest in Knowing You

When we like someone, we try to know as much as we can about them. The same goes for your partner too.

Does he make any effort to know you? Does he ask you about your likes, dislikes, dreams, goals, ambitions, fears, strengths, weaknesses, or achievements? Does he ask you about your friends and family?

If not, it seems he does not have any interest in knowing you.

Does he remember your birthday or any other date that is important to you?

If not, then know that it is one of the signs he’s not that into you. You tend to remember all about your loved ones, at least the events that are important to them. It is because they matter to you, and you love them.

12. He is Far From Getting Jealous

While a super possessive guy can be creepy, I find it cute when a guy acts a bit jealous! It kind of makes me feel that he really loves me.

What about the guy you like? Does he get jealous too? Or is he not jealous at all?

If your partner doesn’t even care when you are going out with a male friend, it shows that he is somewhat indifferent.

When you talk about your ex, he does not seem to listen. It does not bother him when other guys check you out. When other guys flirt with you in his presence, he does not mind at all.

Do all these remind you of your partner?

Then, honey, it is time to move on. Because if he had serious feelings for you, he would be protective towards you and be at least a little bit possessive, which is actually healthy in a romantic relationship.

13. He Does Not Make Time For You

He Does Not Make Time For You

No matter how busy you are, you always make time for the person you love.

But your partner does not give you enough time. He always makes excuses whenever you want to meet him. And you end up being sad, as you crave him, his time, his touch. You manage to make some time from your super busy schedule as your partner is important to you. But it is always you who want to have a long conversation over a cup of coffee.

If this happens with you on a regular basis, know that you are just a fling for him.

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Have you found any similarities with these signs he’s not that into you? Which are they?

Let me know in the comments!

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