25 Definitive Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You

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So, has it been years that you have been dating this guy? Do you want to be with him for the rest of your life? But, are you not sure if he feels the same for you or wants to marry you?

Different people perceive relationships in different ways. While for some, it’s more of a casual and relaxed approach where they are fine with things not working out or ending along the way, others prefer a more serious relationship that has a solid future.

If you belong to the latter category, then it’s natural to wonder whether the man you are currently dating will be the one you will end up spending the rest of your life with.

Well, it’s pretty normal to have all these questions when you are in a perfect relationship with the man of your dreams, and you want to be sure where this relationship is heading.

Don’t worry. I am here to clear all your doubts!

You know, men can seem simple on the outside, but it can sometimes be tricky to understand what they are really thinking. They are not that skilled at talking about how they feel. And they barely open up their heart on topics related to relationships.

This makes our girls’ job a little difficult. But hey, I have good news for you!

While most men may not tell you directly that they are thinking about marrying you, they may show some signs, noticing which you can easily tell if they see their future with you or not.

And trust me, these signs are trustworthy! I have many female friends whose boyfriends showed some of these signs as soon as they decided to pop the question of marriage to them.

Sure Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You

Sure Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You

In this post, I am going to share each and every sign he sees himself marrying you. So brace yourself and pray to God that it matches with your partner!

Let’s get started.

1. He Plans His Future with You

How does your man react when he talks about his future with you? Is he all smiles, imagining the life that you will have together?

The future can be a scary, vague thing for most of us – but not for your partner! So when you both discuss the future that you have ahead of you, he has a pretty clear picture of it. And he can see the two of you being together and happy ten years from now.

Does he tell you about his dreams, aspirations, and goals and how he sees you in them?

Then know that he is thinking of marrying you!

Of course, he doesn’t need to talk about marriage or kids in the future, but you know, little things such as taking trips together say a lot about his intention to make you his wife.

2. He Acts as if He is Your Husband

Are you and your partner so much in sync already that you are like family to each other? Do you have a collection of your own inside jokes? Do you make important life decisions together?

Do you always attend important events in each others’ life? Do you get messy and don’t have that urge to impress each other that we get to see in new relationships?

If your answer to all these questions is a big “YES,” then, honey, you are already half-married!

You know, if you and your significant other are THIS comfortable and vulnerable around each other and have an open mindset like a married couple, I can see marriage in the future!

Start noticing your partner. Is he acting like your husband? Rather than thinking about his own life, is he more concerned about what is best for the two of you?

A positive response suggests it is a good sign. You will have all his love, support, and care. He will always make sure that you get what you want – mentally, physically, and emotionally. And he will always go that extra mile to keep you satisfied and happy.

3. He Remembers All the Little Things Related to You

He Remembers All the Little Things Related to You

You told your partner about an issue you had at your work a few weeks back, and now he is suddenly asking you if that is sorted.

He remembers your favorite color, flowers, the kind of coffee you like, your travel bucket list, your favorite food, and each and every detail about you that you ever shared with him.

He has never missed celebrating an important day in your life – be it your birthday, your parent’s anniversary, or your sister’s birthday.

Do you find all these things similar to your boyfriend?

Then, girl, he is TOTALLY invested in YOU! He pays so much attention to you and all the happenings in your life because he wants to know how you – his future wife – really are as a person.

Don’t hesitate to share all about yourself – your likes, dislikes, passions, hobbies, preferences, and fears – with this guy because, honey, he wants to know you on a deeper level. He will always be there by your side to listen to all your problems without making fun of them, no matter how trivial it is. Don’t let him go, girl!

4. He Tells You Everything

Now, you may have heard numerous times that men are not very expressive creatures! And it is true to some extent.

Most men find it difficult to express their emotions and feelings, especially those that can make them look weak, such as their fears and weaknesses. This is because they don’t like people to see them being vulnerable. This is why they hesitate to share their innermost thoughts and feelings.

But does your partner tell you EVERYTHING? 

Does he not shy away from being vulnerable in from of you? Does he share all his deepest, darkest secrets and thoughts with you?

Congratulations, girl! Maybe you are going to get a marriage proposal soon.

You are an important person in your boyfriend’s life, and he wants you to be there with him always. He shares even the bad things about him to make sure that you know all about him – his plans, fears, what he is up to, and more.

And do you know what the best part of your relationship is?

Your partner never tries to pretend to be someone that he is not, someone who is perfect. And you know why?

Because he knows and he has that trust in you that you love him for the person he really is.

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5. He is Always There for You

Do you know what the most assuring thing in a relationship is?

It knows that your partner has your back no matter what, no matter how hard the situation is.

Is this the kind of relationship you have with your boyfriend?

I am happy for you, girl!

When you have a partner who loves you, cares for you, and supports you all the time, know that he is serious about you. No matter how big or small of a problem you are in, he always wants to know about it. And you know that he can take care of it and he is the person you can count on.

We always want someone to support us in our difficult times, and when you have that as your boyfriend, what more do you want?

He is always the first one to make compromises in your relationship. This can be little things such as going to a party with you even if he is not a party animal and so on. But you know, these little things DO matter.

Not everyone can make sacrifices without resentment. And if your guy does that, know that he is ready for marriage. In fact, he is going to be an awesome husband for sure!

6. He Enjoys Spending Time with You

He Enjoys Spending Time with You

Did you know that you need to spend around 70% of your time with your husband every day once you are married?

You will be together early in the morning, late at night, on weekends and holidays. So it is important that you don’t get bored when you are together. If your boyfriend spends all his free time with you and likes it, maybe he is practicing for life after marriage with you in the future.

Know that if a guy really wants to be with you, he will do everything possible just to be with you. Maybe he will pick you up after work, take you to meet his friends, or invite you to his family parties. It could be anything. To cut things short, he will prioritize you in his life.

Another sign he sees himself marrying you is that he will insist on going for a vacation with you as a couple!

You know men like to go on vacations alone or with their guy friends. But if he asks you to join him on vacation, it means he is really comfortable around you. And if things go well, it may lead to your marriage. Who knows!

7. He Wants to Be the Hero of Your Life

Is your partner always protective of you? Does he come to your rescue whenever you are in danger?

Then, girl, it is a clear sign that he sees his future with you and wants to make you his wife!

Did you know that according to a study, it is the male testosterone that makes them want to protect the love of their life?

Yes. The study says that men want to be the hero of their love’s life. They want to be there for you and protect you from all danger. People are saying that is the men’s hero instinct. Do you know what the catch is?

The study further says that if a man doesn’t feel like he is your hero, he won’t fall for you and be with you in a long-term relationship!

I know it sounds silly in this age because we women don’t need men to protect us. We don’t need someone to be our ‘hero.’ But the reality is that men do want to be the hero of your life!

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8. He Has Asked About Your Views on Having a Family Someday

He Has Asked About Your Views on Having a Family Someday

Has your partner already asked you about your thoughts on having kids in the future?

Congratulations, girl! This is a clear sign that he wants to marry you in the future and make you the mother of his children. Because if he didn’t want to marry you, he would not have talked to you about having kids in the future – not even as a joke!

Age plays a big role in deciding the time of a guy’s marriage, or rather when they are ready for marriage. There are many guys who want to marry young as they want to have children early when they are young enough to play and bond with their children.

Men tend not to think about having children until they are in their late 20s. And if they are in professions such as law or medicine, they may take more time to even think about having kids.

What is the age of your partner? Has he reached his late 20s, or is he younger?

No matter what his age is, if he brings up the topic of having kids respond seriously. After all, isn’t that something you also want?

Give him honest answers if he asks questions such as how many kids would you like to have, their gender, and their names. This will give your boyfriend the courage to actually pop the question of marriage!

9. He is Not Scared to Bring up the Topic of Marriage

Did you know how commitment-phobic men get chickened out at the idea of marriage?

If a man has a phobia of marriage, he will change the topic as soon as possible or laugh nervously!

So, how is your guy? Does he become uncomfortable if someone asks him about his marriage plans?

If your answer is “no,” then you are lucky; as you know, it is a sign that he is actually ready for marriage! Happy?

When you date for a really long time or even years, the question of marriage becomes inevitable. You may have already discussed where you want to live, buying a house there, having children, and merging bank accounts by that time.

Does he get all excited talking about marriage? Does he ask you questions about how you dream of having your wedding?

Then, honey, I can already hear your wedding bells ringing!

10. He Has Introduced You to All His Friends and Family

Have your boyfriend taken you to his home to introduce you to his family? Have you met his friends too?

If so, then I am happy for you! This is big, you know. 

Your partner has introduced you to all the people who are important in his life. And he has declared that you are an important part of his life too. So this could possibly mean that he has marriage in his mind.

You know, when a guy lets you spend time or talk to his mother, he knows deep down that you are going to know all about his embarrassing childhood stories. And he is totally comfortable with that! This means he wants you to know all these stories right from his childhood so that you can get to know him better. A good sign it is!

11. He is Already in a Live-In Relationship with You

He is Already in a Live-In Relationship with You

Are you guys living together?

Great! This means that your boyfriend wants to make you his wife in the future.

Living together under the same roof is like a testing phase for marriage. You try to figure out how your partner really is in their home. 

It means you are serious about each other and want to settle down eventually. When you move in, you spend a lot of time together and get to know how compatible you are.

You know, live-in is like marriage minus the legal documentation. If you want to keep your relationship alive, you need to work hard. Then, of course, there will be disagreements and arguments. But how you handle everything and still be a happy couple is what you need to see. And once you are happy together, the day will not be far when your boyfriend proposes to you for marriage.

Did your guy give you the duplicate keys to his home?

This is even better! This suggests how he already sees you as his future partner and trusts you a lot.

Most men don’t like others to enter their space. But if your guy is giving you the house key, it shows how they no longer have a bachelor mindset and are moving towards being a family man.

12. He Says You Make Him a Better Person

When a man tells you that you make him a better person, just know that he’s ready to tie the knot with you. After all, we all want someone who brings out the best in us and helps us become better human beings and the best version of ourselves.

13. He is Proud of You

Does he always tell you that he’s proud of you? Does he recognize your struggles and how you always come out of them stronger? Is he always boasting about you to his friends and family?

If the answer to all these questions is a yes, then he is ready to marry you.

14. He Saves Up For You

A man who sees a future with you will always want to become more financially secure for you as well. So, if he has been saving up, making investments, and heading towards smarter financial decisions in general, then he is ready to take the next step with you in life.

15. He Considers You in His Decisions

He Considers You in His Decisions

If your partner asks for your opinions before making a decision, then he surely sees you as his future wife.

Every considerate man wants to make a woman feel important to let her know that she is as much a part of his decisions as his conscience, and that, indeed, is a huge sign.

16. He is Himself Around You

Isn’t it so wonderful to find someone we can be ourselves with? Someone around whom we don’t feel judged and who doesn’t make us walk on eggshells?

If that’s how your man is around you, then he will surely pop the question one day or another.

17. Your Bond Has a Lot of Trust

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, and even more so for a loving and long-lasting marriage.

If you see that your man trusts you and has immense faith in your relationship, then it will turn into marriage someday.

18. He is Your Biggest Cheerleader

Who doesn’t want a man who supports them and cheers them on, right? If you have found a guy who is genuinely your loudest cheerleader, then hold him close because he will make you the best husband ever.

No man would endlessly cheer on someone if they didn’t intend to marry that person.

19. He Misses You When You Are Apart

He Misses You When You Are Apart

Can he not bear to be apart from you? Does he constantly check in to ask if you’re fine? Are you pretty much always on calls or sending text messages to one another when you’re away from each other?

Well, these are all clear signs that he is going to become your husband in the future.

20. He Loves PDA

Does he not shy away from expressing his love for you in front of everyone else? Are your meetups peppered with hugs, kisses, and physical affection in general?

If that’s the case with your relationship, then this man is ready to make you his wife, be with you forever, and continue showering you with physical and emotional love all the time.

21. He Discusses His Finances With You

Finances form a crucial part of any relationship. The same holds in a bigger capacity in marriage because spouses need to make one another aware of their respective finances so that their futures remain secure.

If your partner discusses his finances with you and even proposes to open a joint account with you, then just remember that this man wants to marry you.

22. He is Utterly Honest With You

Without honesty, a relationship cannot survive. If you see that a man is honest with you about even the minutest of things, it’s because he already sees you as his wife and wants to give you that respect.

He will be honest about his feelings, likes, dislikes, opinions, and everything else and beyond.

23. He Adores Your Family

He Adores Your Family

Isn’t it such a heartwarming feeling when your family members like the person you are dating? And even more wonderful when your partner treats your family like their own?

If that’s the type of dynamic your current partner shares with your family, then wedding bells are about to ring for you pretty soon.

24. He Treats You Like a Queen

Every woman deserves to be treated like a queen, and a man who is worthy of her will be someone who treats her in exactly that manner, pampering her, spoiling her, and loving her to pieces.

If you’re lucky enough to have a man like that in your life, never let him go.

25. He Looks Forward to Sleepovers

He Looks Forward to Sleepovers

Does he stay over at your place multiple times a week? Do you end up staying at his place numerous times as well? Are your belongings scattered over each other’s homes?

Well, these are signs that the two of you will be moving in together soon and that he loves having sleepovers with you, which ultimately signifies that he wants to have a home with you and marry you.


While a happy relationship brings with itself a lot of security and warmth, one can’t really predict whether it will lead to a marriage. As a woman, it is definitely helpful if you know whether your man wants to make you his wife or not.

Now that you have gone through signs he sees himself marrying you, how many of them match your partner? Is it more than fifty percent?

Then don’t worry, your boyfriend is going to ask you for marriage real soon. Till then, have a happy courtship!

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