27 Clear Positive Signs That He Misses You

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Updated on:- Dec 6, 2022.

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Navigating relationships and feelings are hard. Whether you’re still in that honeymoon phase with your man or you’ve been together ten years. Whether you’re currently in a long-distance relationship or you’re not together anymore but somehow are still in each other’s orbits. It can be challenging to read what he’s feeling because men can be very good at hiding their emotions. 

This is especially true when it comes to admitting just how much they’ve been missing you. If there’s some physical distance in your relationship now, or if you’re not in a relationship; you still talk or chat sometimes, it can be difficult to gauge his feelings if he’s been thinking about you.

Women are much better at communicating their feelings and expressing what is bothering them or what they’d like. Men, on the other hand, can be quite cocooned with their feelings. 

Even if they like you or miss you, they will not admit it outright, making it very difficult for a woman to understand what exactly they are thinking.

It’s always best to talk about it and tell each other how you feel, but most times, it’s not that simple. And you’re in a situation where you have to try to figure out what’s going on, wondering if he misses you and if he’s thinking about you – it can be excruciating for you! That’s why we’ve come up with a list of signs he misses you to help you read what the subconscious tells!

Our 27 clear positive signs ‘he misses you’ can help you decipher the clues and signs, he may be giving off that tells how he feels without verbally telling you. From the very subtle to the downright obvious, these “signs he misses you” can guide you as you try to figure out his feelings for you.

27 Signs He Misses You

Free yourself from the mental and emotional torture and find out how he feels with our 27 clear and positive signs that he misses you!

#1. He Calls You Even When He Usually Doesn’t Like Talking On The Phone

He Calls You Even When He Usually Doesn't Like Talking On The Phone

Is he ringing you up quite a bit? Has he taken to calling you even though you know just how much he dislikes calling and conversing over the phone? That is one of the biggest signs he misses you. Calling you may be his way of showing that he longs for you, and he just really wants to be able to hear your voice. 

Although, you should also bear in mind that calling may just be more efficient for him, especially if he is swamped and has got a lot to do. 

The key is paying attention to how he is when he’s on the phone and what he says to you. Is he rattling quick, essential information, or is he asking about you and making small talk? If it is the latter, then it shows that he really is missing you!

#2. How Is His Text Game?

When you are apart, one of the clear signs he misses you is how he texts and sends you messages. Think about it: How often has he been texting you these days? Has he been sending you messages more frequently? And here’s the clincher: Is he not the type of guy to text often in general, and does that change when you are not together? If the answer to these questions is yes, then your man may truly be missing you badly.

The reason for this is simple: His increased texting is because he wants to just converse with you. He wants to feel connected to you and know all you’ve been up to, and stay involved in your day-to-day life. This will help him feel comfortable and make him feel a little better even though he is not with you at the moment. 

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#3. He Is Speedy When It Comes To Responding To You

He Is Speedy When It Comes To Responding To You

You’ve been with your man for quite a while, and you know him pretty well, and that includes how he is when he interacts with you via calls and texts. An excellent way to gauge if he’s missing you is to gauge his response time to you. Does he take a long time to respond, or do you hear back from him right away? When you text, does he hit reply barely a minute or so later? When you call, does he immediately pick up? Those kinds of behaviors are signs he misses you. It almost seems like he’s just sitting by his mobile waiting for you to reach out to him — which is probably the case. He’s badly wishing you, and he is together right now. 

#4. How is his social media game? 

Alright, pay attention to how he has been behaving on social media, particularly relating to your social media. Let’s say you post a new story on Instagram or share a new cute selfie. Does he view your posts and likes them, maybe even comment on them or send you a message about what you posted? That’s clearly one of the signs he misses you! You’re on his mind, he wants to know how you are, and he may even use what you post as a chance for him to start interacting with you. This can apply both to a current love who really just wants to feel as connected to you as possible or an old flame who wants to reconnect. 

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#5. Speaking Of Social Media, Does He Tag You?

Speaking Of Social Media, Does He Tag You?

Okay, when we say tagging, we don’t necessarily mean tagging you in #WomanCrushWednesday and stuff like that, though that totally screams that he misses you! What we’re referring to here are the not so blatant tags — let’s say, tagging you in posts or memes that he believes you may be interested in. Doing that shows you are definitely on his mind and is one of the signs he misses you. 

So if he’s scrolling on Facebook or Twitter and sends you something that caught his eye, he thinks you will be interested in it somehow. It can also mean that you are in his consciousness, even when he is scrolling mindlessly. The same goes when he tags you in funny memes and photos. Look at it this way: If he immediately thinks about you upon seeing those things, then that means his mind is already definitely on you, to begin with. 

#6. He Sends You a Message and Reaches Out After Glimpsing That You Are Active Online

He is still on the subject of social media (an unavoidable part of our modern lives), has your man been generally quiet on, let’s say, Facebook until you go online? And once he catches a glimpse of you there liking photos and posting, does he reach out and send you a message? That is among the signs he misses you because it shows that he’s been waiting for you to become available so that he can text you or maybe even give you a call. 

#7. He Exhibits A Lot Of Curiosity

He Exhibits A Lot Of Curiosity

That statement doesn’t pertain to your man behaving a bit curiously or oddly. It means he is very curious about you and craving to know how you’ve been, and what’s going on with your life, what’s on your mind? Your man may not directly come out and tell you that he misses you, but his curiosity will say it eloquently. The fact that he wants to catch up and know the scoop, find out how your day has been, get the gossip on your friends, and updates on how your cousin’s surgery went all means that he cares. Recalling events and genuinely trying to know more, shows he is thinking about you and are signs he misses you. 

#8. He Rambles On About Random Things So That The Conversation Can Keep Going 

One of the telltale signs he misses you is this: When you are talking to each other, pay attention to what he is talking about. Is it all factual and straight to the point? Or do you find that he rambles on and on, talking about things that are generally pointless and not significant? The latter is something that your man will do for the simple reason that he wants the conversation to continue long. He just wants to be talking to you and connecting with you. He wants to hear you and joke and chat with you for as long as possible. 

#9. Does He Suggest Video Calling? 

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So let’s say you are texting each other, or maybe even on the phone and speaking to each other. Does he bring up maybe going on FaceTime or Zoom? Or any other video chatting app to continue your conversation? Coming up with this idea shows that he genuinely misses you and wants to see your face. Video chatting takes time and effort, even more than texts and calls. If he makes a point to do video calls with you, count that among the signs he misses you. And if he begins to flirt with you and compliment you and just stare at you and smile as soon as you start to video chat, then that just proves it all the more. 

#10. You’re An Influencer – His Influencer

You may have talked about certain songs or artists and told him that you like them, and now he mentions that he’s added them to his playlist and enjoys them as well. You spoke about a film that means a lot to you or a show you’re addicted to, and now he’s talking about it with you because he’s watched it too. You like a particular coffee order at Starbucks and find out he’s been taking his coffee the same way. Your guy begins to mirror the things you want and engages when you talk about your tastes, then clearly you have been having a big influence on him. And all that exhibits just how often and how much you are on his mind! That’s one of the signs he misses you. 

#11. His Friends Express An Interest In You – Or Tell You That He’s Been Missing You

His Friends Express An Interest In You - Or Tell You That He's Been Missing You

This may pertain to friends you and he share, or more specifically to his friends you have also gotten to know. Either way, if he’s been missing you, his friends will be reflecting that. Depending upon his friends’ familiarity with you, they might express how he talks about you and misses you. 

If you notice that his friends are reaching out to you to know more about you and add you on social media, maybe comment on your post, that just shows he has been talking about you to his friends. These are more subtle signs.

#12. Does He Exhibit Signs of Jealousy? 

You and your man are apart, maybe because of work, of things you have to do, or because you’ve decided to have some time off from your relationship. And during this time, is he showing subtle signs of that green-eyed monster when you mention having been around another guy? Does he seemingly get a little territorial (but not in a toxic way, just in a sweet, “why is he with you and not me?” way) at the idea of another man? That can definitely be an indicator that he is missing you for real. 

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#13. The Drunk Call And Drunk Text Situation

Ah, here’s where my favorite saying comes in: In Vino Veritas. This means, “In wine, there is truth.” Or, more simply put, the drunk mouth equals the sober mind. He may act all cool when you guys are texting or speaking over the phone, but if he is calling you or texting you when he has had a bit too much to drink, that shows that deep down, he is thinking about you. A guy that drinks calls or drinks texts you generally has you on his mind a lot. If he’s out with his friends and he steps away from them to call you, his heart is not with them but with you. If he calls you, drunk, to tell you that you’re pretty, or he wants to see you, or he wants to hear your laugh, he’s got it for you bad. These drunken communications are among the signs he misses you more often than not. 

#14. He Gives You Sweet Little Gifts or Tokens “Just Because”

So when your man got back after being away for a few days, did he bring you home a souvenir? Or did he go out for some errands and pick up your favorite donut? These minor signs may not seem much, but they are actually huge flags that he’s been thinking about you while you were apart. One of the signs he misses you is when he goes out of his way to make small gestures. These may involve a lot of thought into making you happy and reflect that he remembers the small things you say even when you’re away from each other. 

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#15. When He’s Got The News, He Shares Them With You

When He's Got The News, He Shares Them With You

This one applies to either a man you are currently in a long-distance relationship with or even someone you’re not with anymore. If something significant happens in his life, like a promotion or a big revelation he found out, or even him discovering a new alcoholic beverage or restaurant, and he calls you to tell you all about it, then he’s got you on the brain for sure. You’re important to him, he wants to share the big (and small) things with you, and he wants you to know what’s going on with him. Of the signs he misses you, this one’s pretty clear!

#16. Does He Tell You About His Day?

You and your man are away from each other, whether it’s because of work commitments or because you’re not technically together now and are just reconnecting. If he takes time from his busy schedule to call you or text you and tell you about how his day has been, the people he encountered, the stuff he did, this shows that you are important in his life. And he wants you to be as much a part of it as possible. Girl, count this among the signs he misses you, because he misses you. 

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#17. He’ll Do All That He Can To Make Plans With You

He'll Do All That He Can To Make Plans With You

He could be living in another city, working over an hour’s drive away from you, or circumstances may make it hard for him to see you. But if he’s willing to leave work early to take that long drive to your house just to see where you live or he’s willing to go to the store where you’ll be running a few errands just to catch a glimpse of you, he is so very much missing you. He is longing to see you or even just be near you, which is right at the top of the signs he misses you. 

#18. He Schedules Regular Calls

Scheduling? Regularity? Uhh, that doesn’t sound very romantic, you may be thinking. But the truth is, it’s actually very, very romantic because he establishes a time for himself to be able to talk to you regularly and with consistency, then that is such a major tell that he is really, really longing for you. Even if you cannot be together physically, he’s finding ways to make sure you stay as connected as possible, and that is pretty huge as far as signs he misses you go. It shows that his life just isn’t complete without you there in some way. 

#19. He Wants You To Know That He Is Thinking Of You

He Wants You To Know That He Is Thinking Of You

Telling someone that you miss them seems like the logical and simple thing to do, right? Well, not always. For some guys (and girls!), admitting outright that they miss you may seem too vulnerable for them and something they just can’t bring themselves to do. But they will let you know, in other ways. And sometimes, they won’t even be subtle at all about it. Actions can truly, truly speak louder than words. So if he is calling you a lot or sharing secrets with you that he won’t tell anyone else or surprising you with a little visit, that is a not-so-subtle way for him to let you know that he misses you. 

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#20. Setting Future Date Plans

A man who is missing you very badly is definitely looking forward to seeing you again. He is counting the days till he gets to be beside you once more. So if your man keeps talking about things he wants to do with you when he sees you, then that is among the top signs he misses you. Is he bringing up things like where you can go or what you guys can do or what car he’ll drive and how he’ll pick you up? He is clearly envisioning the two of you together again. Girl, he is longing for you really bad. 

#21. He Really, Really Wants To See you

He Really, Really Wants To See you

Do you find that he is just grasping at any opportunity to catch a glimpse of you? Is he happy to even just see a blurry photo of you or drive-by where you are at and even just have you look out the balcony so he can see your face? That is among the biggest telltale signs he misses you. He wants to see you, and he wants to lay his eyes on your smile even for just a split second. That is a man who is longing to be with you with all his heart. 

#22. His face Lights Up At The Sight Of You

You and your man have not seen each other for a long time. When you see each other again, does his face just completely light up, and he just can’t help but smile? If a guy’s been missing you a lot, it will show in his face when he sees you again. That is a good sign that he has been thinking about you, and he’s been excited to just be with you once more. 

#23. He’s All About Reminiscing, And He Brings Up The Old Days

He's All About Reminiscing, And He Brings Up The Old Days

Okidoki, pay attention to this one big tell: When you and he talk, does he always bring up the times when you were with each other? Does he refer to your shared experiences and significant moments together in your past? Like that letter, he wrote you or that evening you had an emotional conversation or the time the two of you spent the whole night just talking about everything under the sun? If the answer to this is yes, it’s crystal clear that he’s reveling in memories because of how much he longs for you, and this is one of the most definite signs he misses you. 

#24. Does He Reach Out For No Reason?

If a guy reaches out to you to inquire about an event or discuss plans or ask about something else, he probably just needs to get that information promptly, so he calls you. Whereas, if he reaches out “just because,” with no valid reason whatsoever— he’s been missing you, and he wants to connect with you! Is your man ringing you just to ask how you slept or how your weekend was or just say what’s up? That can be among the signs that he misses you and wants to hear your voice. 

#25. He’s Touchy-Flirty When He Sees You Again

He's Touchy-Flirty When He Sees You Again

Keep your eyes peeled for this simple and very telling sign. If you have been apart and have been missing you tons, he will tend to act more intimately when you meet. And it can be something like him sticking by your side, putting his arm around your shoulders, lightly keeping a hand on your knee, embracing you the moment you two see each other, or playing with your hair or holding your hand while talking to you. 

#26. Does He Remember Everything?

A man who always has you on his mind will remember every little thing about you and your relationship. This goes for long-distance relationships and an ex that is back in your orbit somehow. One of the biggest signs he misses you is if he remembers everything — from special dates, moments, places to occasions and celebrations. He even remembers the finest details like your birthmark or when you learned how to drive. There’s a special place in his mind and heart reserved just for you and all his thoughts about you — thoughts that are overflowing!

#27. He Says It

We’re mentioning this last, but it’s definitely the biggest and most definite tell: If your man tells you that he misses you, and you have also been observing a few other signs that we’ve mentioned above, then not only does he miss you, he most probably misses you a whole lot. Guys tend to not want to reveal all their cards and wear their hearts on their sleeve, so if he says it, just comes right out and says it, then that means he’s not afraid to be vulnerable with you because he just wants you to know how he feels. He wants you, and he is yearning for you!


The game of worrying and having anxiety is truly the worst, isn’t it? And it gets amplified when it’s regarding someone you like, love, or were once in a relationship with. During these situations, it really helps to get some signs to gauge what is running on the other person’s mind. 

Keep these signs in mind to guide you in navigating your way into figuring out if he is longing for you and missing you!

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