11 Concrete Signs That He is Definitely Cheating on You

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Is your boyfriend or your husband behaving suspiciously? Have you started doubting him? Do you think he is cheating on you?

Well, rather than running to a conclusion based on just your assumption, I would suggest that you look for signs he is definitely cheating on you.

Cheating is a dark phase of a relationship, and it can be devastating for you if you are the one who is being cheated on.

You love this person so much, and then all of a sudden, you somehow get to know that he has been cheating on you with some other woman. This news alone can shatter your entire world and cause you unbearable pain.

It takes time to heal because you cannot treat your emotional pain with a balm or medicine. In fact, it takes forever for some people to heal from the pain of heartbreak completely. It seems like you have fallen into some dark, cold, and lonely hole, and you cannot escape it – no matter how hard you try.

So, girl, before you rely completely on your gut feeling, look for the signs that clearly suggest your significant other is cheating on you.

In case you are wondering what those signs are, scroll down. I have come up with a list of some of the most definitive signs he is cheating on you.

Read on.

Signs He is Definitely Cheating on You

Are your intuitions correct?

Come let’s find out! Look for the following signs in your partner.

1. He Has Become Very Moody

He Has Become Very Moody

Have you noticed that your partner has become a lot moody lately? Is he happy one day and unhappy the other day? Does he make you feel that you are his world one day and then pay no attention to you the other day?

If your answer to all these questions is “yes,” then know that you need to pay close attention to your boyfriend or husband. Because, honey, this is one of the signs of a cheating partner.

As he is dating you and another woman at the same time, the stress of one relationship can fall on to the other. And in your case, that is you. When he has a great time with his side-chick, he is happy and treats you well. And when there is some issue with his side-chick, he behaves rudely with you.

Also, there can be another reason for his changing moods. Maybe he is guilty inside for cheating on you, but then he doesn’t want to confess everything to you.

2. You Caught Him Lying to You

Yes, we all lie some time or the other. But when you are in a relationship, it is a no-no.

You and your partner both need to be honest with each other. This is crucial for any relationship.

Once you know that your partner is honest, it becomes easier for you to trust him. And when there is trust and mutual respect, your relationship flourishes.

But things are different when you have a partner who lies to you.

Have you ever caught your partner lying to you? For example, has it ever happened to you that you called your partner to come to assist you in shopping, but he said that he had an important project in the office, and then you saw him eating ice cream at Baskins Robbins? Has he ever said that he would stay with his friends at night, and then you saw his car parked outside a movie theater?

Don’t take these things lightly because these are the initial signs of a cheating husband or boyfriend. And don’t believe whatever excuses he gives. Instead, keep an eye on him.

3. He Has Suddenly Become Very Busy

He Has Suddenly Become Very Busy

Did you notice that your boyfriend or husband has become very busy lately? Does he not give you time? Whenever you make a romantic plan for you two, does he always cancel it? Does he say that he has some other important events when you tell him to meet for a dinner date? Does he not sit with you and listen to what you have to say about anything? Does he always give you the excuse that he is busy?

Well, girl, no one is THAT busy! Trust me.

Yes, he can have other engagements or work that is truly important. But that cannot be the case every day, and every time you ask for his time.

Maybe he has got a completely new schedule that does not match with yours and hence this act of being busy. But, on the other hand, maybe he has adjusted his schedule with the new woman in his life. And if you suspect so, I think you should talk to your partner and ask him what doubts you have in mind.

4. His Sex Routine Has Changed

Is everything all okay between the sheets? Or is your significant other behaving a bit differently in bed?

Okay, so, if your partner is really cheating on you, he may behave in two different ways. The first is that he may stop having sex with you completely. And the second is that he may show some new moves in bed.

Let’s start with the first scenario. Suppose your partner does not have sex with you anymore. This may mean that he is feeling guilty inside because of cheating you. Therefore, he does not want to face you anymore. That is the reason he is avoiding having sex with you.

Also, it could mean that his sexual appetite is filled by having sex with the other woman, so he does not want to have sex with you.

Now, let’s come to the second scenario. Suppose your partner has got some new moves in bed that you had not tried before or wanted to try. This could mean that your partner has learned those skills from the other woman, and he is perfecting them by trying them with you.

Also, it could mean that his libido has increased a lot now that he is getting to have sex with two women.

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5. He is Having Trouble Handling His Finances

He is Having Trouble Handling His Finances

Is your boyfriend or husband having issues in keeping track of his finances? Is he spending too much money? Is he running out of money most of the month and asking for money from you?

Have you found something unusual in your partner’s credit card bills? Have you found some expensive purchases of gifts or some reservations at a pricey restaurant but none of them were for you?

Girl, you need to pay close attention to this guy and his actions. If your partner used to be good at managing finances and now that he is running short of money, maybe it is because of the new woman in his life.

Maybe he is using the money to buy her expensive gifts or take her to some fancy restaurants, which is why he is having trouble paying for your household expenses.

Check his credit card bills regularly because this is one of the signs he is definitely cheating on you.

6. His Habits Around His Phone Has Changed

Did your partner use to be forgetful about his phone? Did he use to leave his phone to charging on the table for hours? Did he use to leave his phone at home at times?

But now, has he and his phone become inseparable? Does he now not leave his phone on charge on the table? Is he always with his phone now?

Does he never forget his phone at home? Does he become anxious around you whenever there is a call or a text? Does he becomes tensed and mad if he cannot find his phone?

Then, I am sure something is brewing.

Have you recently found out that he has put a password on his phone, but he was one of those people who did not care much about privacy? Does he not pick up his call when you are around?

Does he always step out whenever there is a call, and when he comes back, he is either happy, sad, or guilty? Has it ever happened to you that your partner suddenly hung up the call when you walked in?

If you find that your partner is behaving in these ways when he is around his phone, you can be sure that he is cheating on you.

7. He Has Become Defensive

He Has Become Defensive

Has your boyfriend become very sensitive recently? Does he take all your harmless comments and questions very seriously and become defensive?

This is a sign that he has been cheating on you.

Yes, he is reacting that way means he is afraid that you will catch his infidelity. He thinks that when you ask him something, it means you are interrogating him. The cheater inside him is making him think so. He thinks that maybe you will end up knowing that there is another woman in his life if you keep asking questions and he answers.

And in order to not make that happen anytime soon, he is trying to stop you and acting all defensive.

So, honey, if your partner behaves in this certain way and you always wonder why he is acting this way and what is wrong with him, pay attention to the other signs he is definitely cheating on you. And if you find similarities with them, be sure that you are NOT the only woman in his life.

8. He is with You Physically but Not Mentally

Is he right in front of you but not with you emotionally?

Consider this as a red flag.

Does your partner sit with you, and when you say something, he nods but does not seem to be in the present? Do you feel that your connection has been lost?

Do you feel that he is thinking about something or someone else when he is with you? For example, is he looking at his phone’s screen most of the time when he is with you and just nods without even hearing anything?

Sometimes, it can happen that your partner actually has some important mail on his phone from his work that he is reading. Or maybe he has just received some important texts. But that cannot be the case every single time you are with him.

Now, has it suddenly happened that he is coming home late from work and when you ask him why he says there is a lot of pressure at work which was not there before?

While work pressure is normal, it cannot be true if you see that he is showing other signs of cheating too. For example, maybe he is cheating on you with some woman at his office. So keep your eyes and ears open and collect as much evidence of cheating as you can. And then confront him.

9. He is Asking For Privacy

He is Asking for Privacy

When you are in a serious relationship, you and your partner do not have much privacy. You two love each other, trust each other and share almost everything with each other.

But has your boyfriend or husband been asking for privacy lately?

While a certain level of privacy is completely fine, it can be irritating when it exceeds that. For example, is he going to another room and closing the door behind to receive calls? Well, not all calls can be that private – not every time.

Does it seem like he is hiding his phone screen whenever he gets a call so that you cannot read the caller’s name on the screen?

Then there is something fishy. Maybe he is getting calls from the woman he is cheating on you with. And so, he is going to another room so that you cannot hear what he is talking about. He is hiding his screen because he is worried that you may get a clue of his infidelity.

10. His Grooming Habits Have Changed

Have you noticed that your man’s grooming habits have changed? Was he not much into shaving and hair cutting, but now he has started maintaining his looks?

Then there is a fair chance that he is seeing another woman. He has become so passionate about grooming because he wants to look good when he is meeting that other woman.

He may look at the mirror more often and shave and cut his hair more frequently. Also, he may shower more often, especially when he comes home from outside. This is because he wants to wash the smell of the other woman off. He does not want to get caught cheating on you.

11. He is Taking Care of His Body Like Never Before

He is Taking Care of His Body Like Never Before

Taking care of your body is good. In fact, we all should. But it is normal to doubt his intention if your husband or boyfriend has never been a physique person, and now he has suddenly become one.

Yes, it can be that he has heard some motivational speech, and now he is completely into getting a better body. But there can be another reason too.

Maybe he is hitting the gym regularly, getting abs, and looking good for the other woman in his life. Maybe he wants to impress her with his new body and make the most out of it in between the sheets. Maybe it is she who has motivated him to get his body in shape.

Also, has he suddenly become extremely obsessed with his diet – so much so that it makes you feel irritated at times?

Honey, this can be because of the other woman he is with.

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Have you found similarities with these signs he is definitely cheating on you?

Then keep an eye on your partner, gather enough evidence, and then confront him.

And let me know what happens.

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