9 Best Sex Positions For Conceiving Twins

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Motherhood is a beautiful, special blessing. Giving birth to a baby makes you feel joy, strength, and love like you’ve never known before. Becoming a mom is a dream of many women, and holding their bundle of joy is a true gift.

For some women, motherhood is something that they really hope to be able to experience — particularly being a mother to twin babies. Conceiving twins is something that many couples hope to be able to do. It’s no surprise that the conception rate for twins has risen in recent years due to science and fertility treatments. But it also has to be reiterated that there are plenty of natural methods that can increase the probability of conceiving twins, and these should not be overlooked.

Just imagine waking up to a home where your little twins are running around, the sound of their laughter echoing in the air as you and your partner watch them lovingly. If you’ve always wanted to have twins, this vision alone is bound to fill you with tremendous joy and inexplicable happiness.

One of the natural methods of twin conception that’s worth trying out is exploring the various sex positions with your partner that helps conceive twins. Not only can you up your chances of having twins, you and your partner will also have a lot of pleasurable, mind-blowing sex while doing it too! What a win-win!

We’ve put together a list of sex positions to conceive twins that you can try out with your man to potentially better your odds. We likewise tackle other factors that can affect twin conception. Keep in mind that we’re in no way stating that these sex positions or twins and other tricks will 100% lead to you having twins. What we’re highlighting is that these things can potentially help you make your twin dream come true, so it may be worth checking out!

Twins: How Are They Conceived?

Twins How Are They Conceived

Alright, so before we get into increasing your chances of conceiving twins, you must first understand just exactly how twins happen. There are two types of twins – identical (non-fraternal) and non-identical (fraternal).

Identical twins comprise one-third of twins. Also referred to as monozygotic twins, they are conceived by fluke. They develop when just one single egg is fertilized by one sperm and then gets divided into not one but two separate embryos. Identical twins share the same placenta and genetic composition.

Monozygotic twins may also occur in women who choose to have fertility assistance methods.

Non-identical twins are also referred to as dizygotic twins. They occur when two eggs become fertilized by two sperm. These twins are unique to each other and do not share a placenta or genetic composition. Further, non-identical twins share just half of the same genetic composition. They are not always the same in gender.

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The General Odds Of Conceiving Twins

The General Odds Of Conceiving Twins

21st-century statistics have shown that the possibility of conceiving twins is about 3% or 3 in every 100 pregnancies in the general population. Numbers have also shown it to increase by about 61% from the early 1980s. Updated data from the US National Center for Health Statistics states that the birth rate for twins is about 33.9 for every 1000 live births.

Factors That Can Affect The Odds Of Conceiving Twins

Factors That Can Affect The Odds Of Conceiving Twins

Twins, particularly identical twins, primarily occur by sheer chance. However, there are certain factors that may be able to influence the probability of having fraternal twins.

1. Family History or Heredity

If you yourself are a twin or if having twins run in your family, it is more likely that you may conceive twins. But if your partner (the father-to-be) is the one who is a twin or has twins in their family, this may not influence your odds of conceiving twins.

2. Race/Ethnicity

It is believed that one’s roots also have quite an influence on your chance of conceiving twins. They say that Hispanics and Asians have a lower chance of having twins, while Africans have a high probability rate, followed by Europeans.

3. Body Type (height/weight)

This may sound very strange, but it is believed that taller females have a bigger chance than shorter females to have twins. Heavier females are also more likely to conceive twins than thinner females. Those who partake of a well-nourished diet may have a higher chance of having twins than those whose diets are reduced or low-fat. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology released a study stating that females with a body mass index of 30 and higher are more likely to have twins (fraternal twins)

4. Maternal Age

Your chances of conceiving twins or multiples apparently are said to increase as you get older. Females who are above 35 years of age make more FSH or follicle-stimulating hormone than younger females. FSH is a hormone that allows ovaries to release eggs during ovulation. The higher your hormone levels, the more eggs are released during ovulation, which can result in more than one fetus.

5. More Pregnancies

A higher chance of conceiving twins comes with having had multiple pregnancies before. An increasing number of pregnancies are said to help improve the probability of having twins.

Natural Ways That Can Help To Conceive Twins

Natural Ways That Can Help To Conceive Twins

The options found below are said to boost the chances of twin conception. However, keep in mind that these are just common beliefs that are based on anecdotal evidence. These have no scientific backing. 

1. Dairy Products

It is believed that growth hormones found in milk can help in conceiving twins. So women who partake of dairy may be more likely to up their chances to make twins than women who don’t consume dairy products.

2. Wild Yams

Wild yams are believed to cause hyper-stimulation to the ovaries, which then results in the release of more than just a single egg for ovulation. This can therefore raise your chances of having twins. They say that part of the reason African women have better chances for twin conception. It’s because they consume wild yams as part of their diet.

3. Stop Birth Control Pills

One study has reported that there is a probability of twin conception within a year of discontinuing oral contraceptives. When you choose to stop taking birth control, your body takes time to re-find its own natural rhythm.

4. Pregnancy During Breastfeeding

There has been a study that discovered a correlation between breastfeeding and having twins. The study states that those who conceived while still breastfeeding have more of a chance to have twins.

5. Your Partner Eating Zinc-rich Foods

Zinc is well-known for how it improves sperm levels. Your partner can include zinc-rich foods like lamb, yogurt, green peas, and pumpkin seeds, as it may increase the likelihood of fertilizing multiple eggs.

6. Spacing Out Your Pregnancies

It is said that if you space out your pregnancies and have enough of a gap in between, this may increase the likelihood of twin conception.

Sex Positions For Conceiving Twins

Sex Positions For Conceiving Twins

There is no concrete scientific evidence or proof behind the idea of sex positions being able to help raise your chances of having twins. Still, many beliefs and individuals have long propagated what they believe are sex positions for twins that couples can try out. 

1. Side-By-Side Scissoring Position

How To Do It: The side-by-side scissoring position is an excellent way to achieve deeper penetration. In this sex position, you and your partner are to be facing each other. While doing so, your legs should be placed in a scissoring position, as this is what allows for greater penetration. With this position, you are in prime form to achieve very deep penetration and at the same time power up the love hormone known as oxytocin.

Why This Can Help: Because the side-by-side scissoring position allows for deep penetration, the sperm will be able to reach the cervix in a more speedy manner. This added speed can increase the chance for you and your partner to conceive twins.

Also, this position of being side by side helps a couple to connect more and feel more emotionally intimate. This position has a unique advantage as it helps the woman climax while having sex. Though climaxing for a woman is not necessary in order for her to conceive, there are theories that say a woman climaxing ups the probability of getting pregnant. One theory is based on the fact that when a female climaxes, the contractions of her uterus will help the sperm deposited near her cervix get sucked up. This enables the sperm to reach its destination more swiftly.

2. Standing Up Position

How To Do It: Alright, so there are quite a few sex positions that can be done standing up. But we’re talking about increasing the chances for you and your partner to conceive twins, then the standing up position we refer to here is the one that is in the same vein as the doggy style position.

So for this standing up position, instead of the woman being down on all fours on the ground; she will instead be standing up and bent over at her waist. Her partner will be gripping her hands or her stomach for support as he penetrates from behind.

Why This Can Help: With this particular standing up sex position, the probability of you and your partner conceiving twins are increased as the deep penetration he is able to achieve with this position can result in the cervix being more easily accessible to the sperm.

3. Wheelbarrow Position

How To Do It: The wheelbarrow position may be something that instantly causes some apprehension when you hear it. Don’t worry though, because you don’t have to be a gymnast or a yogi to try this sex position out! Still, it is also among the most adventurous of sex positions that you can do to easily conceive a baby.

The way it goes is the woman should position herself almost as if she is about to become the wheelbarrow at a wheelbarrow race. The hands should be placed whether on the bed or on the floor, or you can rest your elbows instead of your palms. The man will then hold her legs, line his thighs between hers, and enter her behind.

Why This Can Help: The wheelbarrow position is another sex position that helps to achieve deeper penetration. This can aid sperm in swimming more efficiently towards the egg.

Note that this is a very adventurous sex position that is very adventurous and quite pleasurable, but it is not a position to try out when you already have a baby bump. So that is yet another reason to try it out now while you’re still trying to conceive!

4. Doggy Style Position

How To Do It: The doggy style position gets its name from exactly what you would think – the way canines mate. In this position, the woman will have to lay down on all fours. Her partner will then penetrate her from behind. For this sex position, you certainly will want to achieve the best angle for maximum penetration and pleasure, and a way to ensure that is to have the woman’s booty raised up in the air whilst her torso is slanted down to the mattress.

Why This Can Help: The doggy style position is one of the top positions that allow the man to penetrate very deep. This allows the sperm to swim faster and reach the cervix in a speedier manner. Experts say that the doggy-style position is, in fact, a stellar sex position for impregnation. And same goes if you are trying to up your chances of conceiving twins.

This unique and standout sex position is great and remains a top favorite for many because it leads to a depth of penetration, allowing for the possibility for the man to place the tip of his penis right there at the opening of the cervix.

5. Reverse Cowgirl Position

How To Do It: The reverse cowgirl position has been long deemed one of the most pleasurable and mind-blowing sex positions. In this, the woman is positioned on top, which gives her total control whilst in the act of intercourse.

The man will lay flat on his back when doing the reverse cowgirl. The woman will then sit on him, her body facing towards his feet and her back to his face, and she then will proceed to ride him however slow, fast, or deep she pleases.

Why This Can Help: The exceptional advantage of the reverse cowgirl position is that here, the woman is the one in control of the depth of penetration. She can position herself in such a way as to ensure the optimal position for her partner’s sperm to swim past her cervix. This raises the chances of you and your partner conceiving twins.

Particularly for women whose uterus is retroverted or tipped, the reverse cowgirl position allows for the perfect angle to aid the sperm in easily reaching the cervix. And even if you’re not sure or aware that your uterus is retroverted or tipped, the reverse cowgirl is still a position that is a lot of fun and can bring about maximum pleasure. And who knows, twins may even come out of your pleasurable reverse cowgirl escapades.

6. Missionary Position

How To Do It: Ah, the missionary position. It may be considered basic by some, but it actually can be one of the most pleasurable sex positions around! Plus, it is deemed among the most optimal sexual positions to raise your chances of having twins. Integral to that is the fact that the missionary is, at the heart of it all, a man-on-top position.

When doing the missionary, gravity greatly helps the sperm to swim faster towards the ovaries, which has been cited time and again as something that can increase your chances of twin conception. Here also, the cervix of the woman is a bit better aligned with the upper end of her private parts’ entry points. This place is where fresh sperm is collected or pooled. So the missionary position lets the pooled sperm flow more freely and effectively from the opening of your private parts towards your cervix.

Gravity aids the sperm in swimming more effectively towards the eggs, and some mothers have even suggested that placing a pillow underneath your hips will further improve the angle.

How It Can Help: The missionary position enables for a downstream angle. That plus gravity aids the sperm in getting much closer toward the cervical opening, much unlike other sexual positions.

This is a unique advantage that increases the chances of leading a larger number of sperm to arrive at the right destination at the right time. And that definitely can better your odds of having twins.

7. Legs On Shoulders Position

How To Do It: The legs on the shoulders position is basically a fine-tuning of the standard missionary position. It is considered among the best sexual positions to try for couples to naturally conceive twins and likewise considered to be a position that brings about much mind-blowing pleasure as well because of the depth of penetration.

When doing this position, the woman’s legs are to hang on the shoulders of her partner while she is lying on her back. Her partner is then able to penetrate her deeply.

How It Can Help: When doing the legs on the shoulders position, gravity allows for the man’s reproductive organ to be drawn completely towards the private part of the woman. After the release of the man, his sperm will be able to travel more efficiently up to and through her cervix.

Note that a tantalizing way of viewing the legs on the shoulders position is that you are able to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of deep penetration like with the doggy style position, with the added bonus of enjoying intimate eye contact with your man.

8. Coital Alignment Technique

How To Do It: The female lies on her back with her legs extended. The male slides on top of her, getting in between her legs. A perfect posture is where the man lifts his body higher, much more than what is done in the usual; missionary position.

The chest and shoulder of the male (on top) and female (below), respectively, should remain in perfect alignment.

When the correct alignment is achieved, the male can easily rest his weight on the female. It helps lessen the space between the genitals and creates more friction. So, once the male contacts the female, both begin thrusting their pelvis together in a rocking motion.

Why This Can Help: Interestingly, this technique is even referred to as “grinding the corn” by many. The reason is it involves both penetrations as well as clitoral stimulation. Partners mostly grind or rub their bodies instead of thrusting them. Having sex in this position is beneficial. It helps to stimulate the clitoris (a female organ located in the vulva’s anterior end). The more stimulated the clitoris is, the better it will help arouse sexual pleasure. This process is even called penile-vaginal intercourse.

9. Rear Entry Position

How To Do it: This is one of the most exciting sex positions. Rear entry has different variations. The female can go on her knees (the doggy style) with her hands to the side. With a pillow underneath, she may even remain on her stomach to get a better advantage. The male comes from behind, and the penetration is done in that posture.

There are several types of rear entry positions depending on the posture. Each has a different name. The flatiron means the woman lying face down, with her hips slightly elevated and her legs straight. In the chairman posture, the male sits on the chair while the female sits on her partner, facing away from him.

Why This Can Help: There are many advantages of having sex in this posture. It allows for better stimulation and penetration. Research has mentioned that rear-entry sexual posture helps add spice to sexual life. It is most apt for people who find it getting monotonous.


Have you been trying to conceive for a while? Are you really hoping to have twins but don’t know how to go about it in a manner that will increase your chances? Are you looking for suggestions or food items that might help you? We’re here to help you out with it all.

As we stated earlier, these positions and ways are not fool-proof, scientifically-proven methods to conceive twins. However, you can still try your luck with these sex positions for twins, as it may still improve your luck! Hey, and next thing you know, you may already have twin buns in the oven!

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