Date Night Idea: Add a Little Aromatherapy

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You don’t have to become an expert to add a little aromatherapy into your life. All you need are a few small bottles of essential oil that you can pick up at your local health food store.


How to Choose Oils:

First make sure they are a scent that you and your partner find pleasant. The most important part is to create an atmosphere that you both will enjoy.

You’ll notice that all of the essential oils are good for reducing stress and tension. Transitioning away from your day to day mindset is the best way to kindle some romance.

Here are a few oils that are great to help you set the perfect mood:

Germanium is used in most essential blends that are for relaxation and is very balancing. You’ll probably recognize the scent from massages or pedicures that you’ve had in the past. It has a fruity undertone.

Lavender is soothing and calming, a great way to transition from a work day into a date night. It invites romance into your evening by reducing stress. It’s also good if you have a headache, just rub a few drops on your temples. It has a sweet floral scent.

Rose invokes feelings of comfort and harmony. It works well to ease depression or the winter blues and is thought to increase passionate feelings especially in women. It’s a familiar scent and this essential oil is pure rose fragrance.

Ylang ylang is another floral scent that has a lighter more delicate scent than rose. It is also in some meditation blends and is relaxing and is believed to help lower blood pressure. It also stimulates passion. It has a floral smell almost like jasmine.

Sandalwood has relaxing qualities and is in many meditative incense blends. It aids in meditation and is also an aphrodisiac. It has a woody scent that’s great for balancing out floral tones.

Vanilla is a very comforting scent and helps ease the frustration and stress of the day. It has a slightly floral scent that’s grounded in a hint of earthiness.

Neroli (orange flower) helps calm anxiety and create harmonious feelings. It is thought to create luck in romance and promote a lasting marriage. It’s unique fragrance is a little spicy and floral at the same time.

You can use these scents by themselves or in blends that you create yourself. Start with a few drops and smell each time you add another oil. Just start over if a blend goes wrong, you’ll find the perfect blend for you by trial and error.

If all that sounds too complicated there are several pre-made blends that you can buy as well.

Now What?

Once you’ve picked a single oil or a combination you have to decide how you will use them. Make sure the oils you purchase are pure and not synthetic or you may find yourself having a skin reaction.

If you have very sensitive skin you may want to test any massage oil blend you create. Just dab a few drops on a small patch on your arm or leg. You can even dissolve some bath salts in the bathroom sink and soak your hand or elbow to test it out.

Delivery Methods

The quickest and easiest way to enjoy your new oils is by using an Oil Diffuser. An oil diffuser uses heat to distribute those wonderful smells into a room. It’s the best way to start and a great way to test out those new blends too! Use about 10 drops of essential oil in a diffuser. You can also add some water in with it to make it easier to clean once you’re done.

Massage Oil can be made with many different types of base oils but almond is one of my favorites. Apricot kernel, jojoba, and even olive oil work great too. Just remember the base oil you choose will make up 95% of your massage oil. Just add a few drops of a single essential oil or your blend.

You can add massage oil or pure essential oils to make a sensual bath. Make it extra romantic by adding rose petals.

Bath Salts are very easy to make and much less expensive than buying pre-made ones at the store. Make sure you don’t use table salt, but epsom and sea salts. An easy recipe is to use 1 cup sea salt, 1 cup epsom salt, ½ cup baking soda (to make your skin soft), and 5 to 10 drops of essential oil. You can also mix in some olive oil if you want to add more moisturizing to your soak.

Once you scent your house, take a fragrant bath, and have a relaxing massage, you may just find yourself on a date that you don’t ever want to end.


Sharing is Caring!

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