Catch Some Spring Fever

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Spring is here. Hooray! And with it comes all those wonderful, juicy feelings that breaths life into our tired, wintered out bodies.

Spring fever is a real and researched fact. Over thousands and thousands of years, our bodies have innately tuned themselves into the natural rhythms of Mother Nature.

We Get More Sunlight

We get giddy when there is more sunlight outside. During the dull months of winter, many of us suffer mild forms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. When the sun comes out, we get that necessary vitamin D to help lift our moods and our lethargy disappears. As well, the sunlight helps raise our testosterone levels. Testosterone, in case you don’t know, is the hormone that can have a major impact on our sexual libido.

There are many other subtle, built-into-your-hardwiring cues that put the pedal to the metal and gets your engine revving.

We Wear Less Clothes and Show More Skin

Spring means people dress with less clothing. Out of necessity, in the cold of winter, we cover up head-to-toe in heavy, clunky clothes and the only skin exposed is our face, neck and hands. Granted, a great set of calf hugging winter boots can set many a man’s heart a flutter; however, it is nothing compared to the impact of spring.

Come spring, your dreary clothes are tossed to the side to reveal skin. And a lot of it. Even if you don’t dress provocatively, you are most likely to wear shorts, tank tops and sandals. Instead of just your face, neck and hands being exposed, it now becomes that plus your arms, legs and feet. That’s at least 60 percent of your skin’s surface.

How does showing more skin non-sexually create spring fever? When a woman is ovulating and has a biological need to be impregnated (can you say her “horny day”, boys and girls?) she will unconsciously show more skin to attract a would-be suitor. So the sudden burst of skin at the first buds of spring is way over the top crazy for the average guy.

We Are More Physical Activity

During spring, people tend to be more physically active. Who wants to take a leisurely stroll in really cold weather? (Unless of course you have a dog and are forced to make the daily dog walking march.) Spring gives us a chance to get outside and be in the sunshine. We are able to stretch our legs, and do fun activities like garden, hike, or camp. Being more physically active sets the tone for you to be even more sexually active.

We Eat Less

Spring also has people eating less. With spring and its friend sunshine, eating heavy isn’t as comfortable. Instead we are inclined to reach for lighter foods that will not weigh us down like fish, salads, fruits, and white wine.

We Spend Time With Friends Oogling

Finally, spring brings with it a propensity to hang out at an outdoor patio. Having a few delicious nibbles and drinks, congregating and sharing some laughs helps us relax. The most sexy people are relaxed people.

This isn’t even taking into account the necessity of watching the “scenery” pass by while you are on the patio. What is it about watching another person do a physical activity like rollerblading, walking, or jogging, that is so gosh darn juicy? It must be their little spring outfits. Sigh.

All this spring fever stuff is definitely not your imagination.  So go on out and get yourself some spring fever. It’s fun, it’s free, it feels excellent and only lasts for a very short time.


Sharing is Caring!