Providing over 100,000 Canadian Children with Breakfast

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As you watch your child sleep, it’s hard to imagine all the activity going on inside that small body: growing bones, healing bruises, new brain paths developing. A healthy breakfast ensures our kids replenish their energy reserves to tackle the day ahead. Now more kids can benefit from a healthy start.

A bowl of cereal, a piece of fruit, and a glass of milk are staples on our breakfast table but for some families a healthy breakfast or breakfast at all isn’t an option.

According to the Breakfast Clubs of Canada, a national organization dedicated to providing services and funding for school breakfast programs in communities across the country, one in 10 Canadian children are a risk of starting their day on an empty stomach. This statistic is sad but not surprising. We know families who struggle to put food on their table or whose children leave for school early due to their parents working early shifts or more than one job in a day.

Breakfast Clubs of Canada and the Club des petits déjeuners du Québec, along with corporate partners such as Minute Maid, have provided funding and services to more than 1,000 school breakfast programs across Canada over the past 15 years. This fall, Minute Maid continues its commitment by contributing $1.5 million dollars worth of 100% juice over the next three years.

You helped too. Canadians who purchased any one of the participating Minute Maid 100% juice products between August 20th and September 16th, a portion of the sales were given to the Breakfast Clubs of Canada. Through this and Minute Maid’s support this year alone, over 119,000 Canadian school children will start their day off right, with a balanced breakfast.

“We really rely on the support of corporate partners such as Minute Maid,” said, Daniel Germain, President and Founder, Breakfast Clubs of Canada. “Their commitment is instrumental to our success and ability to provide food to children who otherwise wouldn’t eat breakfast before school.”

While at the moment we may not need the services of the Breakfast Clubs of Canada, it is a valuable service to many families currently facing difficult lives. It is gratifying to hear how large corporations are making an effort to help. To learn more about the Breakfast Clubs of Canada and find out how you can help, visit www.BreakfastClubsofCanada.org. To learn more about Minute Maid and it’s involvement with the Breakfast Clubs of Canada visit www.minutemaid.ca.

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Sharing is Caring!