6 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Kids’ Clothing

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Purchasing clothing for your kids can be costly! Kids grow fast, and you might find yourself buying an entire wardrobe once or twice a year. During a growth spurt, you might realize your son outgrew all of his pants in a week. The last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on clothes. Luckily, there are plenty of tips for ways to save money on kids’ clothes.

#1: Buy Used

The first trick is to buy used. Gently used items look nice but cost half the price. You might look on local marketplaces where parents sell their items. Check out consignment shops locally. Some stores, such as Once Upon a Child, specialize in selling used children’s clothing. Kids grow so fast, so their clothes are worn less and tend to be better quality when compared with used men’s or women’s pieces.

At the same time, remember to save clothes for your other children. If you have two boys, save your oldest son’s clothing to avoid having to purchase an entire wardrobe again. Your little son won’t care he is wearing his big brother’s shirts. Chances are, he will think it’s cool!

#2: Get Creative and Repurpose

Find your inner creativity bone and repurpose pieces. If your child’s legs are too long for the footie pajamas, cut off the feet. Many kids prefer their feet out anyway! Add cute patches over stains rather than tossing the whole shirt. Use onesie extenders to get more life out of onesies.

#3: Make Clothes Yourself

If you love to sew, try making some clothing yourself. You can use fleece fabric and make some comfortable pajama pants. Get a few patterns and make an Easter dress! Making clothes yourself is fun and lets you be creative, plus you might find some people want to purchase your creations!

#4: Sell Your Used Clothing

So, you purchase used items; now you have to sell your used clothing. It is always best if you save pieces for children who will wear those sizes soon. However, if you are done having kids, sell those clothes! Don’t give them away for free; you can use that money to purchase new items for your child.

Typically, you get the most money by selling in lots on marketplaces, such as Facebook, or at consignment sales. Check to see how much commission the consignment sale charges.

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#5: Shop Offseason

Sometimes, shopping offseason means you have to guess what size your child will be in next year, but it’s worth the guess. Purchasing offseason means the clothes are deeply discounted. Purchasing winter jackets in the spring means the price will be around 75% lower than in the winter. Purchase bathing suits at the end of summer. Check clearance racks for offseason clothing.

Most stores sell their offseason items deeply discounted. Finding kids’ clothes for $1 or $2 at Wal-Mart is easy. Keep your eyes peeled when you head to the store and see what goodies you can find.

#6: Avoid Themed or Licensed Clothing

Your daughter may love Moana, but your next daughter may prefer Frozen. While it is OK to have one or two shirts with your child’s favorite shows, avoid making it their entire wardrobe. There is a chance your child won’t want to wear the piece if it depicts a show she doesn’t love. Children can be picky about anything, including clothing.

Make sure you take good care of your child’s clothing. Treat stains, wash according to the recommendations, and line dry often. You want to make sure the items you do purchase have plenty of life remaining. Shopping secondhand and following these other tips will save you plenty of money on kids’ clothes.

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. Brilliant ways to save money on kids! I swear it’s so easy to blow your budget for the year on only a couple items if you’re not careful.

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