10 Ways To Make Cleaning Fun For Kids

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Trying to motivate kids to clean is a challenge at times. But what if I shared with you the secret to getting kids to clean with you? Ready for it? Make cleaning fun for kids is the ultimate secret to success!

With that being said we are sharing with you 10 ways to make cleaning fun for kids!

Here are some of the ways that you can make cleaning fun for your kids

Ways To Make Cleaning Fun For Kids

1. Figure out what they love

Kids, just like adults, will always have fun when doing things the love. Therefore, watch your kids and figure out the cleaning activities that they love doing.

Finding age-appropriate chores is really helpful!

10 Ways To Make Cleaning Fun For Kids

If your kids love washing dishes or cleaning clothes, teach them the right way of doing it.

If you notice that your kid loves washing his room, encourage him to do so. You don’t have to force your young ones into cleaning up everything in sight, just encourage them to do certain tasks.

2. Have a checklist

Teaching your child how to clean is really important. If you don’t show them how and have a checklist for them to follow for each cleaning task it becomes more difficult to get them to know how to clean.

A checklist doesn’t have to be complicated. Just a simple one will do the trick. 

3. Put some music on 

If you have older kids you know how much they love music, even younger ones too!

Ways To Make Cleaning Fun For Kids

Put on some music that the kids love listening to and start cleaning.

One of our favorite things to do is turn up the music a little bit louder than normal and get cleaning.

4. Incorporate games

Cleaning doesn’t have to be strict. The surfaces need to be spotless in the end, but that does not mean that your kids should not have some fun.

A simple way of keeping your kids engaged in cleaning chores is through a color game.

First, select a given color, and tell your kids to look for all the items that have the same color. Once they spot that color, they put those items away. They do this for every object that it is that color until they are all picked up. Don’t limit yourself to doing this for only one color. Do this for as many colors as possible. 

You can also incorporate a sorting game where your kids will pick up different things according to their use. You can tell them to pick up items used in eating, playing, or even clothes.

This will give them something to look up to, instead of general cleaning. 

In fact, younger kids won’t even realize they are cleaning!

5. Set a timer

Another way we make cleaning fun for kids is by setting a timer.

Young kids love to figure out if they can pick up or cleaning something before the buzzer goes off.

Ways To Make Cleaning Fun For Kids

If you have older kids you can motivate them with extra electronics time or time with friends if they clean faster then the timer.

Just make sure that you uphold your end of the bargain. Your kid will appreciate it when he or she is rewarded. And be more motivated next time knowing that you always follow through.

6. Graphics 

Kids are easily enticed by anything visual. You can use pictures to get them engaged in their cleaning activities.

This is similar to a chore chart where you have pictures of the tasks that they need to accomplish.

10 Ways To Make Cleaning Fun For Kids

Once the job is done, then it is time to move the picture to the other side of the board.

Younger kids especially love seeing what they have accomplished.

7. Cleaning Apron

You will be shocked to know that kids love to clean when they have an apron.

Ways To Make Cleaning Fun For Kids

It makes them feel important and needed.

Grab one with pockets that can hold various cleaning products so that they can clean as they go.

8. Give them a laundry basket

The laundry basket pick up game is fun for kids as well! Give them a laundry basket or something that they can carry around.

Ways To Make Cleaning Fun For Kids

Have them go around picking things up that are in the wrong place and have them carry them to the right place.

Have them deliver a certain number of items or for a certain amount of time.

9. Keep it short 

Your kids will lose interest if you make them clean for a long time. Therefore, make sure that you keep the cleaning pretty short and engaging.

If you have little kids have them clean 2-3 times a day for a few minutes.

If you have older kids they can clean for a bigger chunk of time.

10. Let them compete friendly. 

Our last tip for making cleaning fun for kids is to make it a competition.

  • Who can pick up the most toys?
  • The fastest cleaner.
  • Who can complain the least while cleaning?
  • The competitions can go on and on!

By making cleaning fun for kids, you will have better luck getting your kids to help without complaining. What tips/secrets do you use for getting your kids to clean? Share in the comments!

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