This Weather is Perfect to Hibernot

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It’s not a coincidence that most of our family travel content covers sunny warm destinations. I’m not a winter person and beyond shoveling the snow from around our home you’ll usually find me nestled under a faux fur blanket catching up on my latest Netflix or Shomi obsession.

So you can imagine my surprise at how much fun I had outside with a few writers and bloggers and the folks at Land Rover Canada. We were invited for a day out in the snow to remind us there’s a lot to enjoy about our long winter season. Get off the couch and get outside.

Winter Hibernot Horseshoe Resort Snowshoe Shadow

Up early on a school day, even earlier than I normally get up, I headed downtown to meet the rest of the team before we drove up as a group to Horseshoe Resort just north of Barrie, Ontario.

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I tagged along with Sarah from Solo Mom Takes Flight and Will from Going Awesome Places as we slipped into the luxurious Range Rover Sport. Jacque from the Land Rover Experience Driving School sat shotgun to share with us some of the fabulous features of the vehicle and answer any questions.

Winter Hibernot Range Rover Sport

So many cars are developed with just the driver in mind but the Range Rover Sport definitely took passenger comfort into consideration. This cold winter I especially loved the individually controlled heated seats in the second row and the panoramic sunroof.

The Automatic Access Height Lowering feature was great too, enabling the car to driver higher over rougher terrain but lower itself to the ground to make it easier for passenger exit and enter.

Winter Hibernot Land Rover Family

Needless to say, the drive up to Horseshoe Resort was smooth and comfortable. So much so that stepping out into the cold air at the resort was a bit of a shock.

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At the resort we were given the option to try snowshoeing or tubing. In my mind tubing is a lot like tobogganing but on inner tubes so I opted for snowshoeing and boy was I happy.

Winter Hibernot Horseshoe Resort Snowshoe Trail5

I had tried snowshoeing about four years ago with the kids but the track was shared with cross-country skiers and as novice shoers we were often stepping to the side to let skiers pass. The Horseshoe Resort snowshoe trail was through the backwoods and on it’s own. At some stages it met up with the Fat Bike trail but these areas were much wider, more out in the open.

Winter Hibernot Horseshoe Resort Snowshoe Trail3

The orange flags tied to trees were the markers for the snowshoe path I was to follow but somehow I got off the trail. No matter, I just followed the already flattened trail through the woods left by someone else which eventually met up with the snowshoe trail. I actually thing the off track trail through low branches and passed streams was amazing. My hour had quickly dissolved and I had to head back. Dressed for the outdoors only proves to me how more enjoyable the winter weather can actually be.

Winter Hibernot Horseshoe Resort Snowshoe Trail Marker

If someone told me I would spend the morning walking around in the cold snow for hours I would have feigned illness but it was amazing. I could have easily spent another hour or more out there with nature. I guess that’s the idea behind Land Rover Canada’s #Hibernot campaign, encouraging everyone to find the joy in this winter weather. It certainly lasts long enough here. We can’t escape it so enjoy it.

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My lack of love for winter means we don’t spend a lot of time outside this season as a family. I mean I send my kids outside all the time, but this experience reminded me that winter can be fun for snowshoeing, tubing, skating, sledding, snow fort making, snowball throwing, scavenger hunts and even snow art. Snow and cold bring with it a unique experience; why not take advantage of it.

Winter Hibernot Horseshoe Resort Snowshoe Trail2

Winding up a day outside with a hearty meal and a cup of cocoa is always nice. I especially loved the DIY hot chocolate bar that welcomed us at Horseshoe Resort. What family member wouldn’t spend hours out in the snow with a reward like that waiting for them?

Winter Hibernot Horseshoe Resort Hot Cocoa Bar

Winter Hibernot Horseshoe Resort Lunch

Bellies full and cheeks rosy red we drove back to the city. It was hard to walk away from the luxury of the Range Rover Sport but it is possible to enjoy some of the brand’s cache without the high dollar value in the form of the new Discovery Sport. Every bit a Land Rover without the price tag.

Winter Hibernot Discovery Sport

Looking for some #hibernot inspiration? Visit hibernot.ca for ideas to get you and the family outside or share your own adventure ideas. I know I’m ready to head back to Horseshoe Resort to hit the snowshoe trails again. What’s your favourite winter activity?

Sharing is Caring!

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