Volkswagen at the 2014 Toronto Auto Show

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Volkswagen has been part of my life since almost forever. It was the first car my husband and I bought together and Volkswagen has been a part of our family ever since. My husband, let’s call him Mr EverythingMom, had a chance to see what Volkswagen has in store at the 2014 Canadian International Auto Show.

It’s amazing when you look back at the history of Volkswagen and how the shape of cars has changed. Although the 1978 Rabbit is before my car driving years, the boxy shape is one I remember and loved about Volkswagen when I was younger.

VWCanada 2014TorontoAutoShow1

I loved the unique voice of Volkswagen, heard through its vehicles, customers and commercials. Volkswagen understands the impact their commercials have had on people over the years and even set-up a theatre at the Canadian International Auto Show so you could relive some favourites or discover new spots.

VWCanada 2014TorontoAutoShow16

I was fortunate that one of my first clients I worked in advertising was Volkswagen Canada. This connection is what led to my husband and I buying our first Volkswagen, a Golf. I remember taking the GO Bus all the way up to Newmarket to pick-up our shiny blue baby at Phaff Motors.

As our family grew, our cars changed. We moved into a Jetta, then a Passat Wagon. We had an adventurous time with the Toureg, tried the new Beetle, had a Van for a while and have now returned to the Golf, GTI version of course as it has become our second car.

But enough about the past. The 2014 Canadian International Auto Show is about the future.

VWCanada 2014TorontoAutoShow4

The Golf GTI has become a family favourite, my husband’s mistress I guess you can say. Now that only one child is in a booster seat, the Golf GTI can fit all five of us nicely for a quick boot around town and the 2015 Golf GTI, an all-new 7th generation of the car, had my husband day dreaming of curves (on the road of course).

VWCanada 2014TorontoAutoShow6

VWCanada 2014TorontoAutoShow14

My husband is all about the new R-series GTI and he refuses to buy another car when his current GTI lease ends in March. The only problem with this plan is that the Golf GTI R-series isn’t expected in Canada for another 18-months. That’s a long time to run on just one car.

Of course there’s the Golf Wagon, like an extended version of an old favourite, and then the sleek convertible EOS has my attention. I heard even as a hardtop convertible it has a built-in sunroof (for those not so convertible days). That’s like the best of both worlds. Then there’s the Volkswagen’s take on the SUV in the 4MOTION all-wheel drive Touareg. I loved this car when it first made an appearance so I can only imagine how much it has improved with age (and updated technology).

VWCanada 2014TorontoAutoShow10

VWCanada 2014TorontoAutoShow15

I wonder if Volkswagen is open to EverythingMom test-driving their new line of vehicles for the next 18-months? They certainly have a full line of family-friendly cars in their new collection. It’s either that or I better invest in a new pair of great walking shoes.

Thanks to the folks at Volkswagen Canada for the opportunity to attend the Canadian International Auto Show.

Sharing is Caring!

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