Toronto Eaton Centre’s Urban Eatery Changes the Face of Food Courts

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When I was younger, food courts use to be where I went as a mall employee on my break. As a parent, food courts are often the reluctant stop to fill the kids with something and avoid meltdowns. Needless to say, food courts were never my favourite part of the mall. The Urban Eatery has changed all that.

Toronto Eaton Centre has always felt like the centre of the city, full of activity, shopping, and people watching. Now you can enjoy a great meal too in what isn’t your typical food court. This past weekend I was invited down to experience the new Urban Eatery first hand as part of the Toronto Eaton Centre’s current twitter promotion.

The set-up is the same, with the main seating in the centre and the variety of food options around the outside. And I mean variety. Sure, for the diehards you’ll still find food court staples like Subway and New York Fries but what I love are the new restaurants. What food court do you know of that you can order a BBQ Tofu Sandwich? I ended up enjoying one on Saturday at the Urban Herbivore, one of the eating establishments within the Urban Eatery.

urban eatery sandwich

Now you can enjoy a sandwich at Fast Fresh Foods or a crepe from Crepe Delicious or samosas from Amaya The Indian Road. Of course, visiting the Urban Eatery with the kids meant gelato at Froshberg. I loved the kids’ Oreo flavoured gelato almost as much as my own Rocher flavouring. Some people treat themselves to coffee when out, for me it’s gelato, really good gelato.

Urban eatery gelatourban eatery gelato sharing

And if the food selection wasn’t enough, eat within the Urban Eatery and your meal is served on real plates with actual cutlery. No more Styrofoam containers and plastic forks that break. Eating within Toronto Eaton Centre’s Urban Eatery is actually a pleasant dining experience and a place worth the visit after shopping within the mall or just visiting the downtown area.

You too can experience the Urban Eatery first hand as part of the Toronto Eaton Centre’s twitter promotion during the month of June. Follow them on twitter (@toeatoncentre) and tweet using the hashtag #UrbanEatery for a chance to win lunch on them (in the form of a $25 Cdn Shop card).

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