Tips for Summer Family Entertaining

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Big family gathering or a few close friends, summer weather brings the perfect opportunity for summer family entertaining with a backyard get together. We’ve gathered a few of our favourite tips for family entertaining.

Set the Scene
For many the backyard means less confines than entertaining in your home (and less things for the kids to break). If you’re looking at an evening event, try one of these DIY lanterns to set the mood and they get the kids involved with the party set-up. Try setting up gathering areas, cute conversation corners, a group game area, and maybe a crafty corner for kids.

Add Some Entertainment
Gone are the days of being chained to the stereo, switching out songs on the CD or record player (remember those?). Technology like Spotify enable you to play DJ even if you don’t have a large personal music selection. Create a playlist to set the mood, like my Summertime Songs playlist highlighting a number of classics from my own childhood, giving you freedom to enjoy your get together as much as your guests. Set it up and play through your home speaker system.

Keep Them Hydrated

Set-up a drink station where guests can help themselves to pre-made refreshments like homemade flavoured water, a pitcher of sangria, or even smoothies. I love these DIY lawn drink holder stands on Positively Splendid, encouraging guests to mingle around your backyard space.


Fill Their Bellies
I’m not one for big sit down meals when we have people over; I’m a big of a grazer and like offering bite size choices for guests to choose throughout the visit. Summer is an ideal time for salads like these fresh offerings. Of course BBQ will always be part of any meal in the summer and there are so many ideas from snacks and starters to mains and dessert. Even these school party snack ideas can work for a backyard get together. Going with more finger food options also means less cutlery to wash post-party too, always a bonus.


After Party Recovery
Don’t take on post party clean-up on your own, get the whole family involved collecting garbage, storing leftovers (or better still give them to your guests to take home), and washing up. The more hands, the quick the clean-up.


Like it or not, sometimes these social gatherings lead to a little over indulging. Chewable Nauzene in chewable form can help alleviate your upset stomach and nausea from food and drink. Plus it does not contain aspirin, salicylates or dimenhydrinate, and will not make you drowsy, a plus when you have a household to wrangle post party. When you plan a fun gathering over food and drinks you shouldn’t be left with regret.

Here’s to a summer of weekends gatherings to fill your family’s activity calendar.

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Sharing is Caring!