Tip on Gaining an Extra Hour of Sleep

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As parents we know first hand the importance of sleep. Once children enter our lives sleep seems to be a distant memory. Who couldn’t use a little extra sleep? You could go to bed, hoping your husband will get up and keep the kids distracted for an extra hour in the morning so you can sleep in, but we have a far easier (and foolproof way).

Turn Back the Clock.

I don’t mean that in science fiction, time travel sense. November 2, 2013 is Daylight Savings in North America , which means we turn our clocks back one hour, gaining an extra hour sleep. Of course this only works if you actually use that extra hour for sleep. Don’t think of it as an extra hour to watch T.V. or surf the Web. That defeats the whole purpose of this lovely gift.

Just as you are getting into bed, since you are already resolved to go to sleep, turn your clocks back, all the clocks. That means your alarm clock, your watch, the docking station in the office and the kids room, the grand father clock in the hallway, the microwave and stove clocks, the DVD player and television (for those retro folk), and your vehicle.

All that’s left to do is sleep and savour that extra hour.

Sharing is Caring!

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