The Sleepover Holiday Tradition

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I love holiday traditions. As a family we have a few such as heading to Chinatown for Christmas Eve dinner and enjoying our new holiday book with reading advent calendar. Although my kids enjoy these activities too I think they would agree that their favourite tradition would be the holiday sleepover.

We’re fortunate our home is large enough that all three of our kids have their own room, giving them a space to call their own, but during Christmas holidays the kids like nothing better than camping out in each other’s rooms. With no school planned the next day they love to stay up under the glow of Christmas lights, talking into the wee hours during their sleepovers.

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This year we will be trying The Shrunks inflatable twin bed for the sleepovers. Inflatable mattresses aren’t new to us but I must admit there are a few features with The Shrunks bed that I love:

Compact Size. Whether storing away until the next holiday sleepover or tossing in the trunk for our next family travel, The Shrunks inflatable bed and pump fit into a portable bag.

holiday tradition shrunks twintravelbed size

Inflates Quickly. The bed we were sent came with an electric pump for speedy inflating. The instructions actually state that although you can use manual foot pumps they don’t recommend trying to blow the bed up by mouth. The pump is a nice small size too. Although the ability to inflate the bed in under a minute is a great feature, I especially like how the valves have been engineered. The pump just rests against the value and air flows through an inner lip but when you take the pump away, that same inner lip closes and stops air from leaking. No more panicking to stop air from escaping as you close the valve.

Security Rails. The Shrunks inflatable twin bed is like a sleeping mattress embedded in an outer inflatable shell. The side portion of this inflatable edge is slightly raised ensuring kids don’t roll off the mattress on to the floor. This is like a nice cushion between the floor and the sleeping area.

Tuckable Mattress. Another feature I love about the bed’s structure is the ability to fit and tuck are existing twin sheets around the inner mattress. We could just drape a fitted sheet over the edges and there was no worry of the sheets coming off the bed in the middle of the night. The Shrunks inflatable twin bed becomes more like a bed versus just a inflatable mattress for the kids.

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The holiday sleepover is one of our traditions and one that is perfect for using The Shrunks inflatable twin bed but I can’t wait to take this on the road with us. As a family of five, we often find ourselves short on bed space when traveling and most hotels only accommodate kids with cribs or rollaway beds. This inflatable bed is a perfect size, can go with us anywhere, and doesn’t take up extra space in the room during the day (just tuck away in the closet until night time).

holiday tradition shrunks twintravelbed sleeping

In the past the kids never loved when it was their turn to sleep on the rollaway but I think with The Shrunks inflatable bed things will change. You can purchase a Shrunks Inflatable Twin Bed from Cariboo Distribution or find a local retailer.

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