The Evolution of the Phone Store

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Remember when a visit to your local phone store was to pay a bill or upgrade to the latest device? I love my Samsung Galaxy 6 from TELUS, connecting me to so many parts of my life. This seems to be a trend and one that TELUS is embracing based on their more lifestyle focused concept stores in the Toronto’s Eaton Centre and Edmonton’s Southgate Centre.

The array of wearable tech set-up in a front window like a fashion display will cause you to look twice but the colourful green entrance reassures that you are indeed entering a TELUS store. The shop is set-up more for an experiential visit, with items grouped into categories around how you can extend the use of technology within your life.


Phones won’t be the first thing you encounter when you enter the store, greeted instead by a table of portable speakers on the right and fun tech toys on the left. Checkout how your music sounds on the various speakers with the use of Bluetooth technology or plug in a selection of headphones to try them first hand with your device. As you walk around the store you’ll see gear for extending the life of your phone (chargers and portable battery packs), keeping cables organized, entertaining the kids, even monitoring your health and keeping your home safe.



TELUS hasn’t forgotten about your phone. You’ll also find a nice array of phone cases from stylish to rugged and even a little over-the-top fun. If you’re looking to swap your phone or upgrade to the latest offering, you’ll find a number of hands-on devices that you can try.



I have been a TELUS customer almost as long as I have known my husband and that relationship has been based on connectivity as well as customer service. Whether I’m working in the city or traveling out of town with my family, I’ve always been able to count on TELUS and the devices they carry. But their customer service is also key and this helpful support is also visible within the new concept store.



From knowledgeable staff that offer helpful advice without being pushy and in your face to the charging stations made available in store, the new TELUS concept store illustrates how you can expect more from the brand. If you’re in the Toronto or Edmonton area you have to visit these new stores, even if you’re not a current TELUS customer. Love this new direction from TELUS and hopefully they’ll rollout more of these shops across the country.


As a TELUS advocate and member of Team TELUS I’ll be sharing similar posts like this but as always the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sharing is Caring!

4 thoughts on “The Evolution of the Phone Store”

  1. I initially had a fixed in car Bell analog operator assisted mobile phone. From 1977 to 1989 until i got my very first cellular phone. A curved Alpine with backlit buttons. Fixed, of course. The company I signed with was called Cantel and over a few decades eventually became Rogers. Stayed with Rogers until September 2011 and switched at my daughter’s insistence to Telus.
    The staff and the service are heaven sent—professional, friendly, patient and very knowledgeable.
    I’m very happy to be a client with Telus.

    • That’s a great story (I remember Cantel too). I convinced my husband to switch from Bell to TELUS years ago too and he’s much happier. So nice to hear good customer service stories nowadays. Thanks for sharing Victor.

  2. I love Telus but find they are getting harder to deal with. Problem is they are still the best cell store up here in North Ont so I won’t be changing any time soon. I’ve been with them over 15 yrs and they just closed the best customer service store in our area. I find it a waste to get all fancied up, just pay excellant workers what they’re worth and keep the customers happy.


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