Tea and Cookies for Easter

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Dying eggs, colourful Easter baskets brimming with goodies, and chocolate egg hunts around the house. This part of Easter seems to be just about the kids but there are treats for us parents too.

DAVIDs Tea has a number of fun Easter themed gift ideas. For your friend a Tea Filled Easter Egg. A box of three means you can treat three special people with a surprise Easter visit. For your mom an Easter Tea Hunt. Follow the trail printed on the inside of the box and reveal 12 different tea samples. For the family an Easter Gift Basket. There are three tea filled Easter eggs, three tins of assorted sweets, plus a pack of 100 DAVID’s Tea Filters. It’s like getting a gift for you and the kids. Or maybe just for you.

DAVIDs Tea Easter Gift Ideas

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If you’re looking for a different Easter treat try Easter High Tea in the Lobby Lounge of the Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto. The delightful menu includes some Easter inspired items like the Honey Baked Ham with Caramelized Onions on Sourdough bread, Fragrant Spiced Hot Cross Buns, even a Tropical Easter Egg consisting of coconut cream, mango, curd, and crispy meringue. There’s even a children’s menu for thouse 12 and under. You can see the full menu for both the adult and children’s Easter High Tea on their site. The Easter High Tea is only available until April 6, 2015 from 2-5 p.m. daily.

Shantri la Toronto Hotel Easter High Tea

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Gift someone 6 large Mini Egg cookies from Desmond and Beatrice using Giftagram. This free app enables you to send gifts to anyone with a click and the items available are some well curated things. Some gifts can be sent across Canada, like The Candy Bar Gift Box, while others can be city specific, such as these delightful cookies from Toronto bake shop Desmond and Beatrice. Shipping is included and your recipient can make arrangements as to when and where to receive their gift.

Giftagram Desmond Beatrice Cookies Gift Ideas

This Easter don’t forget yourself and the other adults on your list with a little tea and cookies.

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. LOVE Giftagram, and the Mini Easter Egg cookies look so fun! I got $20 to spend on Giftagram with code TM19575, and will order them as a little post-Easter treat! (Not sure when the code expires, so better take advantage while you can! :))


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