Taking a Pai moment

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Some days I wish I could just escape to the spa, forget the To-Do list and focus on nothing. The reality is getting away isn’t always possible though I have discovered even a small bout of pampering and self love can yield big results.

I tried meditation once albeit for a short period of time. Sitting and focusing on my breath and clearing my mind was actually harder than I expected. My mind kept reminding myself that I had other things to take care of instead of sitting in a spot for 10 to 20 minutes.

Pai sensitive skin mask application Meditative Moment

Pai,an organic skincare company designed with sensitive skin in mind, may be the answer. Face masks aren’t new but finding a brand that works with my skin type can be a challenge. The Pai Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA Mask was a treat. Designed for blemish prone skin (yes, even ad an adult I still breakout), the AHA Mask smooths and brightens my skin without over drying.

Pai Sensitive Skin Mask Meditation Glamour Shot

Pai sensitive skin mask removal

The best part? The mask does its work in 10-minutes, giving you an excuse to take this moment all for yourself. Simply apply and follow this easy guided meditation. You could apply your mask and multitask by folding laundry, wash the dishes or even read a book but there are benefits to doing nothing. Sitting and breathing and meditating during your mask enables you to truly focus on yourself, tune out those outside thoughts and feel your breath. We’re only talking 10-minutes, leaving plenty of time in your day to accomplish your long list of tasks. It’s only 10-minutes but your mind and body (and face) will love you for your Pai moment.

Pai Sensitive Skin Meditative Moment After

Sharing is Caring!

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