Run for the Cure 5K Has Its Challenges

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Sharing is Caring!

This is the post where I say how my daughter and I are progressing beyond expectation, on both our training program and our fundraising. It seems we have more challenges than just the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure challenge.


With only x days left until the CIBC Run for the Cure, my daughter and I are still working on our training schedule, albeit a modified version. I find new tasks are easy to start — enthusiasm is a great motivator – but now we’re hitting the hard part. I can only imagine what someone struggling with breast cancer must feel, enthusiastic about overcoming the disease but feeling worn down by the work and emotions and treatments. Getting out everyday and preparing for the CIBC Run for the Cure 5K is nothing compared to those struggling with breast cancer.

So we run.

I think I’ve hit the point where I want to run; I enjoy getting out and pushing it and feeling great when I’m done, though the longer training minutes are getting harder and feeling longer. My daughter on the other hand has not reached that point. I get it. It’s hard for her to understand yet she still does it (maybe with some pushing from me). When I think that in 2012 an estimated 5,200 women will die from breast cancer and 22,700 will be diagnosed with breast cancer I can’t help but run. That’s almost 30% of the visitors to EverythingMom in a month receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer. That’s a huge number. How can I not push a little harder, run a little longer?


Running can be a challenge but it’s my challenge. I control whether I make the effort to get out there or not. Raising funds for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is harder, especially when we may not have met face-to-face. I understand many of us want to help, want to do our part to make a difference. That’s why my daughter and I are running for you. That’s why we’re creating the tutu for you. Simply donate two-dollars to the EverythingMom team and we’ll add your name on a pink ribbon that will make up the tutu I wear during our CIBC Run for the Cure 5K.

As it stands now, I might be running in my underwear but I know that will change. I know I’ll be running in my tutu for you. So instead of that extra large coffee in the morning, get a small and donate the rest. Make your lunch the night before and donate the rest. It’s not a big thing and before you know it your name will be on our tutu for you as my daughter and I participate in our first CIBC Run for the Cure. Every bit counts and makes a bigger impact than doing nothing, hoping someone else will contribute. If you’re looking to help in a bigger way, you can also join us and run with the EverythingMom team, register yourself or your own team or even volunteer. You can also join the conversation on twitter and facebook. Support the bloggers participating in the challenge by following the hashtag #CIBCRunfortheCure.

I’m sure my daughter and I will have some rough training days ahead but we’re still committed to doing this together. We’re running for the hope that your daughter and my daughter won’t be a statistic in the future. Who do you want us to run for?

This post is sponsored by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.


Sharing is Caring!

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