Personal Goals Every Mom’s Should Accomplish in Next 10 Years

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Running a half marathon, going back to school, and finally getting that degree, or perhaps becoming your own boss might seem overwhelming and downright hard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t, or you shouldn’t set these totally obtainable personal goals. If you are sitting there thinking to yourself, where do I see myself in 10 years, these goal ideas will help lead you to where you want to be!

Why set personal goals as a mom?

Why set personal goals as a mom?

Do you ever feel like you get up every day and just go through the motions? You make the beds, do the laundry, take care of your family, run them around, and work at a job that simply pays the bills but gives you no sense of accomplishment?

As moms, it is so easy to lose track of ourselves and our personal growth. We get so busy taking care of everyone else and, in the meantime, forget about taking care of ourselves.

Setting personal goals helps you push through the limits that you set for yourself. At first, it might be uncomfortable, and it might be hard, but as you make certain sacrifices in your life, you can reach those personal goals.

Doing so allows you to feel good about yourself, and have you have a sense of accomplishment that you might not have felt before!

What types of goals are there?

What types of goals are there?

There are two main types of goals: short-term goals and long-term goals.
A short-term goal does not require a ton of planning and can be accomplished rather quickly. It could be as simple as finishing a book that you started reading or doing that art project with the kids.

A long-term goal is one that takes planning and thought. These can take months to accomplish and sometimes years. As you accomplish these, you have a huge sense of accomplishment, more so than short-term goals because they usually take sustainably more time, planning, and sacrifice.

How to achieve your personal goals?

I think all moms have a desire to reach all their goals, but sometimes we struggle with the process of getting started, especially when we already feel like our plate is so full. In fact, most of the time, we feel like these personal goals are not attainable, and we say to ourselves, “maybe in 5 years,” “maybe in 10 years,” but regardless of how busy you are, you can reach your goals.

Steps to Reach Your Goals:

Step 1- Set goals

The first step in reaching your goals is actually setting them. You can’t reach something when you don’t know how to get there!

Step 2- Pick a Goal or 2

Once we create our goal list, naturally, we do one of two things, we either dive headfirst trying to accomplish all the goals at once and become overwhelmed. Or we look at the list, become overwhelmed, and don’t work on anything.

To overcome these challenges, pick 1 or 2 goals to begin working on. If picking two, I usually pick an easier one and a harder one to work on.

Once you choose these goals, write them down, share them with your spouse, be excited about them. Be sure they are visually in a place where you see them every day, hopefully where you see them multiple times a day. By doing this, it reminds you of the goal that you are trying to accomplish.

Step 3- Baby Step Accomplishments

Now that you have picked your personal goals and have posted them where you can see them, it is time to set out a plan of accomplishing it. You will want to break down your goal into obtainable steps that make it not feel like such a large goal. When you accomplish that small baby step, reward yourself so that you stay motivated to just keep going.

Your Baby Steps can Look Something Like this:
Long Term Goal- Lose 50 pounds that I gained through Pregnancy

  • Milestone #1 – Create a workout routine that I CAN do right now
  • Milestone #2- Meet with a nutritionist to help me make better food choices.
  • Milestone #3- Begin workouts and eating healthy
  • Milestone #4- Lose 5 pounds (reward yourself with a new shirt!)
  • Milestone #5- Lose 10 pounds (reward yourself with something else that you love that won’t distract you from your goal)
  • Milestone #6 Revaluate Diet and Exercise Plan (by now, you are probably in better shape where you can add some intensity to your workouts and modify your diet a bit)
  • Etc.

By breaking down your goal like this, you are able to create many small goals that seem way more doable than your long-term 50 pounds that you really want to accomplish.

Step 4- Create your daily Plan.

Once your milestones are created, break them up into smaller daily plans. These are even more short-term goals than your milestones. By spending a few minutes a day working towards your goals, you will get to where you want to be.

An example of your Daily Plan goal is this (using our losing 50 pounds goal)
Milestone: Lose 5 Pounds

  • Daily Step 1- Exercise for 3 minutes. Do a walk-jog for 30 minutes.
  • Daily Step 2- Create a meal plan so I know exactly what to eat when it is time, so I don’t start binge snacking.
  • Daily Step 3- Don’t forget to drink your water, at least 64 ounces.

By looking at it like this, you will be well on your way to those 50 pounds lost in no time!

By following these simple steps, you will be accomplishing your long-term personal goals quickly!

What are some personal goals all moms should accomplish?

personal goals all moms should accomplish

Are you sitting there super motivated but still trying to narrow down the personal goals you want to accomplish and set for yourself? Well, you are in luck because we are sharing some of the best personal goals that all moms should accomplish in the next 10 years!

Personal Goal Ideas

  • Get a Degree- I remember when I got a divorce, I had no education and not much on-the-job training, getting my degree at that point in my life was pivotal. You will never regret getting a degree, whether it is your first or continuing on to get a higher degree.
  • Better your career- If you are a mom that works, better your career. This might mean taking a promotion, getting a better job, or leaving your job for one that you love more!
  • Get a side hustle- So often, especially as a stay-at-home mom, you might feel financially stuck. Creating a fun side hustle that brings in a couple of hundred dollars a month can be a big blessing to your family and might make you feel better that you get to contribute to helping your family. Who knows, you might love it so much that it might become your full-time gig!
  • Work Towards Paying off Your House- If you are a homeowner or planning to buy a home, make a plan to paying off your home early. Did you know that if you pay an extra $50.00 per month towards your loan you can pay it off 1 year and 7 months early, saving you over $27,000 in interest? How is that for motivation! Imagine how much more you could save if you can pay off an extra $100.00 per month.
  • Become Debt Free- Could you imagine life without any monthly financial obligations? That is the ultimate sense of freedom! Start now by creating a budget and debt payment schedule that you can do!
  • Declutter- This is one of those things that might take make 20 years to accomplish. Each time I feel like I have decluttered, it is time to do it again.
  • Be a better mom- As moms, we are way too hard on ourselves, but we know that there is always room for improvement. Set a goal with accomplishable steps to be a better mom. Perhaps this entails taking some courses or leaving your phone in your room when you get home so you can fully focus on the kids.
  • Be at a Healthy Weight- My goal is always to be at a healthy weight so that I can fully enjoy my family. For this, it is really a personal thing so that you feel the best about yourself.
  • Learn to Cook / Bake- Do you hate cooking? Why? Is it because you feel like you don’t really know what things do in the kitchen? Create a love for cooking by taking some fun cooking classes. Perhaps take them with your spouse so that you can both create a love for cooking together.
  • Take a Course- What is something you have a genuine interest in? Perhaps it is in genealogy or a foreign language; maybe it is in gardening! Take a course to better your skills so then maybe you can teach others all about the things you love!
  • Start a Journal- You might not think you have a super fantastic exciting life, but your kids and grandkids will! So take the time to write it down. You will look back and be in awe of all the things you were able to do and accomplish every single day!
  • Save for Retirement- Saving for retirement is crucial if you want to maintain your same life after no one is working. Take steps now to make that happen by saving for it now.
  • Save for your Kid’s College- As a mom, we all want our kids to have a better life than we did. Perhaps this means having them graduate from college. Help invest in their future by helping them save for college. This will take a huge burden off them financially while they are going to school.
  • Learn to play an instrument- Do you have a piano collecting dust because you have always wanted to play it but never have taken the time? Take steps to learn how to play an instrument. Not only will you love this sense of accomplishment, but music instantly increases your level of happiness.
  • Improve your Emotional / Metal Health- We spend our whole mom life putting others first, but now is the time to give you the time you need! Create “me time” to recover and rejuvenate your soul. This might mean reading, taking bubble baths, or going on a nightly walk to unwind. If you need more help to get to your happy state of mind, consider seeing a counselor learn tips to help you be happy! You deserve to take care of yourself!

There you have it! Personal goals that all moms should set to accomplish in the next 10 years.

Goals are an important part of our life to increase personal growth and overall happiness. As we work towards accomplishing these goals, we will be filled with energy to keep going and joy that we can accomplish all things!

Share in the comments what goals you are working on to become your best self!

Sharing is Caring!

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