Oscar Party DIY Statuette

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Whether you’re hosting a big Oscar party or enjoying the awards as a family, you can add a little fun to your evening with this DIY Oscar Party Statuette.

You can use a discarded Barbie from the toy room, one the kids won’t miss, or you can pick one up rather cheaply at a second hand store like a Value Village. You’ll have to share all her hair off. I cut it really short first and then used a razor to get close to the skull.

DIY barbie oscar party statue supplies

DIY barbie oscar party statue head

You can create the pedestal from layered cardboard. Adding wires to the dolls legs (such as cutting an old wire coat hanger), you can attach the doll to your cardboard base. I used some Styrofoam around the lower legs, near the cardboard for added support and to give a little curve to the base. Be warned that hot glue can melt the foam if you use too much.

diy oscar party barbie staue finished

Finally, spray the whole statue a shiny gold paint. Even if you don’t want to do the base, the sprayed Barbie is still a fun statue for your night. Everyone can have fun creating acceptance speeches.

How will you be celebrating the Oscar’s tonight?

Sharing is Caring!

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