My Style. 16 Achievable Resolutions for Teens

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Happy New Year!! Can you believe that its 2016! But you now what that means? “New Year, New Me.” How many people have you seen say this on social media already? It really is crazy, and maybe you’re saying that to yourself right now, but to be honest how many of you follow through with your resolution? I came up with 16 resolution ideas that are achievable for teens.

  1. Focus on the Grade. This year grades are key to me as they’ll play a big role in my next school choices. Try setting a personal goal like obtaining 80%s in your language class or set a designated study time and stick to it.
  1. Take Care of Your Health. We all hear how important it is to drink water so set a plan to drink 5 glasses of water a day or make it of a more physical goal by creating a workout and do it one or two times a week. For example: Plank for 1 minute, 30 jumping jacks, 20 crunches, and 50 single leg drops
  1. Put Your Phone Down. I love keeping in touch with my friends on social media but it’s easy to end up spending more time than you planned on your device. Don’t worry, I’m not saying to stop using your phone, I’m not crazy, but try altering when you use it. Don’t check your phone when your doing homework or studying.
  1. Learn a New Language. Duolingo is a great way to learn a new language or help you with a language your already learning at school. Plus, they have an app you can use on your phone so you can practice anywhere.
  1. Make a List. If you’re like me, you have lots of stuff that needs to get done but you always forget. I do. Try making a list and check them off as you complete them. I love this To Do stamp set from Canadian Etsy shop Cuts And Scrapes.
  1. Get Sporty. Join a sports team (even if you don’t think you’re good at the sport)
  1. Dance. Dance. Feeling stressed about a test, dance. In your room upset after a fight with your mom, dance. Receive the highest math score you’ve ever received on today’s test, dance. I think the world needs more dancing.
  1. Wear Your Hair Different. It’s amazing how doing something different to your hair can change your whole look without a big investment. Maybe a good brush and a handful of elastics and hairpins.
  1. Volunteer. Offer to help one of the teachers at school or even opt to go first when presenting a project
  1. Participate More. Set a goal for how many times you contribute to the conversation/answers at school
  1. Go Outside of Your Comfort Zone. This could mean joining a new school group, picking a topic you have no knowledge of for a school project or trying something that you’ve never thought of trying before. Escape from doing the same thing all the time and branch out into new areas.
  1. Grab a Book. There will always be assigned school reading but why not grab a book at the library just for yourself.
  1. Shop at the Thrift Shop. I love new clothes but they can get pricey. Thrift stores are full of great finds and probably not something your friends just bought at the mall. Create a fun outfit with a little money and help the environment by reusing or upcycling items. This goes for room décor too.
  1. Time to Eat. Try a food you would never dream of trying. Who knows, you might just find a new favourite.
  1. Love Yourself. It’s easy to judge your own body to be too short, too tall, too thin, too fat. Don’t. Don’t body shame yourself. If anyone should love you unconditionally, it’s you.
  1. Marks Aren’t Everything. I know I started this list talking about grades. The think to remember is the effort you make. Even with all the studying you might not get a 90% but you know you worked hard to get the grade you received. Don’t beat yourself up over a bad mark.

These are some of the New Year resolutions I think are achievable and goals that can be worked towards as a teenager. Let me know what your favorite resolution is above and what goals you’ve set for yourself this year. J HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR!

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Sharing is Caring!

2 thoughts on “My Style. 16 Achievable Resolutions for Teens”

  1. All very good suggestions, Verity. I like #3 the best! I feel we all get a little too wrapped up with the phone. Uh oh… here comes the Old Man rant: Even though in my day we did not have phones that we carried everywhere, I remember my Dad saying no answering the phone when we are at the dinner table it can wait (and you know what, he was right). Dinner time is for the family or whomever you are with to discuss the day by talking and listening to each other. It is time to give them your undivided attention, not your phone. I even see it even with my much older friends today, they answer their phone or text while we are all discussing something at the table…and that is downright rude. I try not to do that; most of the time it truly can wait. Rant over!

    • I agree with you Michael (having grown-up in the phone-free generation too) dinner should be phone-free. We are usually pretty good at following this rule at home. Most times. 🙂

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