Mixit Customized Cereal for a Healthier Breakfast Treat

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For some, buying a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato is a perfect treat for getting your day off to a good start. I’m opting for a healthier indulgence. I’m talking about the Canadian Mixit customized cereal just for me.

Although there seems to be a bit of debate on whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I know it’s a meal I need. Along with a glass of room temperature water, I need a little something to get my mind focused on the day ahead. As something I view as being so important, why shouldn’t it be a treat? Why settle for something mainstream when I can get something made just for me, customized to my taste?

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The answer came in the form of an invitation from the folks at MixIt. At first the thought of ordering custom cereal, at a higher cost than the family size box of Cheerios sitting in my cupboard, seemed a little extravagant. But the more I thought about it, the more I could easily rationalize the purchase:

  • Equivalent to a specialty coffee that people purchase every morning, yet this would be far better for me
  • Unlike the box of Cheerios my three kids enjoy too, my Mixit cereal would be just for me. This should make it last longer
  • My cereal can be customized based on my needs. Quinoa? Sure. Hulled hemp seeds? Why not? Diced figs? Toss it on.
  • As moms we often put our needs last so a little extravagance around a healthy routine isn’t a bad thing

The Mixit.ca site makes it easy to customize your cereal, adding as much or as little extras as you want. Start with your base. I choose Quinoa Hon which was great by very light My next batch I might go for something a little more substantial like Crunchy Honey Granola or Warmth in the Belly. Each base has a description of what’s included but you can choose to get more details around the specific ingredients and benefits. I like that it also flags the country of origin.

With my base in place, it was off to Dried Fruit. Of course you could choose to forgo this extra but I love fruit in my cereal. You’ll probably agree when you see selections like diced figs from Turkey, freeze dried mango from the United States, or cranberries from Canada (my choice). Can’t decide? Then choose from multiple fruit mixes. Each topping includes a price so you know the cost of each addition.


The third tab is Nuts & Seeds. You’ll find coconut flakes, pistachios, even organic pumpkin seeds. I indulged in some sunflower seeds from Canada. The last tab is simply entitled Extras. If fruit and nuts don’t round out your cereal enough, try adding Hemp Protein Powder, Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Coca Nibs (don’t mind if I do), or maybe some Organic Maple Chunks.


The side bar outlines the items added into your Mixit cereal including your cereal’s total weight and cost. Change your mind? Just remove an item from your list and add a new item. If you’re like me, you’ll find all the variety will have you creating and recreating your cereal mix.  Of course if the decision process is just too much you can choose from the brand’s own collection of Ready Made Mixes. They even have some nice hot cereal mixes that will strike your fancy as we head into the cold weather season.


Once you’ve settled on your custom cereal mix, you enter the order page where you can customize your cereal tube. It’s a little thing but I love this added touch. I loved seeing my tube in the cupboard every morning knowing that what was inside was made just for me. Breakfast with my Mixit customized cereal became more than just eating breakfast. It became a special ritual for me, a thumbs-up-pat-on-the-back start to my morning.


A bowl of cereal may not seem like a worthwhile indulgence but rewarding yourself in a healthy way, creating something just for you, had more of a positive impact on me than I expected. I think I may add this to my gift list, for myself and my mom.

Thanks to the folks at Mixit for the chance to try their service and cereal. As always, the experience and opinion expressed in this post are my own.

Sharing is Caring!

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