Meditation Chain on the Melissa & Doug Blog

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Sharing is Caring!

It’s true, what we do as adults influences our actions as parents. We can only hope more of the good versus the not so good is what our kids pick-up. I think my experimentation with meditation lead to the idea behind my February post for Melissa & Doug.

Positive affirmation and being able to deal with stress are good elements we can pass on to our kids and my latest post on creating and using a meditation chain is one idea. Have you ever tried meditation with your kids? How do you encourage positive thinking and self love within them? Read my full post and let me know your thoughts. If you missed any of my previous posts on Melissa & Doug you can read them here.

Sharing is Caring!

2 thoughts on “Meditation Chain on the Melissa & Doug Blog”

  1. Great post! This is such a great idea! I am inclined to create one for myself as well and once my son is older will do the same with him. It’s so important to instill self worth, and a positive self image as well as thankfulness in young children.


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