Making a TIFF VIP Feel at Home in the Tastemakers Lounge

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The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) hits town this week and though I haven’t been since before kids I can’t help but get a little excited about the energy (and celebrities) the festival brings to the city. I felt a little celebrity-like getting a peek into the items at this year’s Tastemakers Lounge.

In its ninth year, the Tastemakers Lounge, a joint venture between Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski from rock-it promotions and Leesa Butler from The F List, wants celebrities to feel at home between the hectic activities planned at TIFF.  Each item included in the Tastemakers Lounge bag is handpicked and although not all items are local, I love the Canadian influence in this year’s bag.

As always, we’re thrilled to be able to share some of our favourite items and a fun experience with talent and VIPs during TIFF,” said Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski, founder of Tastemakers Lounge. “This year’s theme was created to showcase items that anyone would need (and appreciate) during a busy time. We also sought out, as always, some brands that are Canadian to represent our country and as a special token of a trip to Toronto. Congratulations to all filmmakers and talent visiting our great city.

So want a peek into the Tastemakers Lounge? Here are the items featured in this year’s gift bag that I think visiting VIPs will love (and ones you’ll probably want to seek out for yourself):

tastemakers lounge swag

ENERGIZE. I’m not a coffee drinker but if I was doing the celebrity gig at TIFF I can imagine how long days (and nights) might require a good cup of joe. Awake Chocolate gives you a cup of coffee in the form of a delicious chocolate bar. One bar is equal to one cup of coffee, and no coffee spills. I think my husband will be keeping a stash in his office drawer.

SNACK. We love popchips and stars are invited to visit the themed corner of the lounge to grab their own snack, the new katy’s kettle corn. I had a chance to try these are they are delicious, a combination of sweet and salty and far healthier than traditional chips. And no that’s not Katy Perry; that’s me. I get mistaken for her often, especially with those pink heart sunglasses. 

tastemakers lounge katyperry photo3

ORGANIZE. From wallets and water to cellphones and compacts, celebrities will be able keep it all in this fun TIFF themed tote from Toronto-based handbag design Jessica Jensen. You can grab your own at select LCBO stores until September 8. I think our Junior Style Blogger has claimed mine. Toss in Calgary-based Alto Collective‘s Minimal Wood Wallet or their longboard iPhone cases and you’re set.

tastemakers lounge jessicajensen tiffbag

HYDRATE. Lounge guests will also receive O.N.E. Coconut Water to hydrate between events. I know there are many benefits to coconut water but it’s just not to my taste. I would much prefer the bobble water bottle with a built-in carbon based filter system. It’s owned by one of my favourite eco-friendly companies, Seventh Generation, both of which will be in this year’s Tastemakers gift bag.

tastemakers lounge shelf

REJUVENATE. Though coffee isn’t my thing, a lovely cup of tea can be the perfect way to pick up my spirits. That’s the idea behind Pluck Teas in this year’s Tastemakers Lounge, giving celebrities something to enjoy after a night of premieres and parties.  Although this ethically sourced tea is lovely on it’s own (especially the Kensington Blend), guests will be able to enjoy a dash of Wendell Estate Honey in their tea. I’m a fan of natural raw honey and this brand is from the heart of the Canadian prairie.

tastemakers lounge plucktea honey

UNWIND. Even with a busy TIFF schedule there will come some down time (maybe). Those visiting the lounge will be able to unwind with one of four titles from Penguin Canada, like Harrison’s Silent Wife or Messum’s Bait, absorb some of the delicious Cake Beauty be Delectable Coconut and Cream ultra nourishing hand cream (a product I had to hide from our Junior Style Blogger) and relax in a comfy soft Tee from The Real Collective. I love the two-toned design.

There you have it, how to feel at home like a VIP at the Toronto International Film Festival thanks to the Tastemakers Lounge. I might just skip the movies and hangout in my hotel room.

Sharing is Caring!

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