Lambent Lights Up Square One

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I remember malls as simply places to shop but over time they have evolved into destinations. I’m not just talking about the addition of entertainment and dining but the inclusion of welcoming public spaces with greenery, seating, and art adding to the ambiance.

Square One recently unveiled its latest addition and it wasn’t a new store. It was an amazing piece of public art within the mall’s recently renovated food space. Entitled Lambent, a 40 foot tall industrialized chandelier. How fitting that the sculpture be in the form of an extravagant chandelier, the largest art project yet produced by Canadian artist Young & Grioux? I mean sitting down to eat under the gaze of a chandelier has an upscale feel to the experience.

Sculpture for Square One Center Court 2

Image source: Square One

“The work comes out of the limits that the architectural envelope imposes on us. The dome calls out for a grand embellishment but we wanted it to reflect the postmodern sensibilities of the time in which the dome was added (1986), taking a common, domestic light fixture and rendering it spectacular through scale and surface treatment” said artists Daniel Young and Christian Giroux.

The stainless steel structure, designed with perforated holes all along each arm to let the LED lights shine through, looks delicate yet it weights 6,500 pounds. I love how the lights play off the mirrored reflection on the dome’s windows extending the art beyond just the structure. It reminded me of the mirrors in the center of those elaborate carousals, delighting the eyes no matter which way you look.

Square One Lambent Sculpture2

Our evening of art for the eyes was complimented by art for our taste buds thanks to an amazing array of dishes created by Chef Blondin.

Square One Lambent Dinner1

I love when art inserts itself in areas we least expect it. I especially love that this piece, Lambent, takes something functional and makes it into something spectacular that draws the eye and invites little kids will dance under its glow. Square One shows how shopping centres are more than a collection of stores under a roof; they are places accessible places to gather and linger and enjoy.

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