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I didn’t need an iPhone. I told my husband I wasn’t interested in texting or apps, much less a built in iPod. He convinced me, and so we did. Now i need it. love it, couldn’t live without it.

iparent-iphoneappsThe apps iLove

Grattitude Journal – An app that allows you to write, daily, if you like, the things that you are grateful for. Expressing gratitude brings happiness and more things to be grateful for. You can rate your day (up to five stars), add a photo for the day, and when you save your list, it displays an inspirational quote. ($0.99)

Evernote – a quick note, a list, a photograph, funny quote from your kids. It’s a note app that instantly synchs with your web account so that you have the same (updated) to-do-list on your desktop and your iPhone at all times, anytime you need it! (FREE)

Twitterific – a quick and easy app to stay tuned into your twitter peeps and post tweets throughout your day. (FREE)

Facebook – of course. This is a no-brainer. Why? Because it’s a fun way to connect with your other mama friends and vent your day. As in, status update: ‘Kids screaming. Losing mind now.’ And if you’re a mom in business, you have a fan page you’d like to update fairly regularly. It’s a win-win app. (FREE)

Amazon Kindle – this amazing app allows you to buy eBooks online and read them on your iPhone. I think this, along with the iPhone itself, is one of the greatest inventions ever. I download a business book that I’ve been wanting to read and pull it up when i’m nursing my daughter or sitting on the exercise bike so I really feel productive in that moment. (FREE. eBooks range in price)

Voice Memos – i can make lists on the go. When i’m driving and remember those 3 things i better not forget to do or buy today, I make myself a quick sound bite list that I can listen to later when i’m home or able to write it down (or just listen to at the grocery store)! (comes with iPhone)

The bottom line is that I think there are so very many amazing apps out there (hey, I haven’t even touched on the great games for kids I use to entertain mine, from age 1 to age 6, all the time) but these are the few apps that I use every single day.

Sharing is Caring!

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