4 Ways to Find Time to Love Yourself as a Mom

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Most moms somehow find time to balance their schedule along with their children’s calendars in an effortless yet exhausting way.

While no one can be quite sure how moms can be the superheroes they are it is clear that moms need time to themselves every once in a while. Finding time to love yourself and all you do as a mom may seem complicated, but we can promise you it’s not as impossible as it looks.

For any moms wondering if they’ll ever be able to make time for loving themselves, here’s how you can block out space in your planner for self-love.

1. Stop Being Afraid to Cancel

For some reason, there’s a socially constructed stigma around canceling plans.

While dropping commitments last minute can seem rude at times, there are some things you just shouldn’t be afraid to cancel in life. If you’re finding your calendar to be overbooked every single month, it’s probably time to let go of some things you have planned.

How to Find Time to Love Yourself as a Mom

If you cancel with enough time in advance, you’ll be able to create some extra time for self-love and have a guilt-free conscience.

The best way to identify which things to stay committed to and which items to cancel is to assess how you feel as you prepare for your daily plans.

If you’re attending a monthly school board meeting that you find yourself dreading, it’s probably time to take yourself off their list of required attendees.

If something is not mandatory and you don’t enjoy it, cancel those plans, it’s that easy!

Finding time to love yourself as a mom is as simple as choosing things to volunteer for that you look forward to. If you love to whip up the weekly snacks for your child’s soccer games, stick to it! But don’t be afraid to cancel the tasks you dread.

Whether you want to believe it or not, taking care of yourself and making time for self-love is an essential part of being a mom.

2. Plan As Far Ahead As Possible

Canceling plans means you’ll have open space in your calendar to plan for self-love!

Most moms know that to get any time for themselves, they need to nail down a date in advance. A wonderful way to make sure you’re getting in some regular you-time is to sit down with your planner at the end of each month.

Make it a habit to revamp your schedule as each month winds down so you can be sure you’re blocking out a night or even a weekend of self-love.

How to Find Time to Love Yourself as a Mom

Be sure to remember that planning self-love time in advance does not necessarily mean you need to plan something extravagant.

If you notice you have an evening where you’re somehow kid-free, have a glass of wine, take a hot bath and browse what’s new on Netflix! Find time to do what brings you peace amid your busy life, and you will not regret it.

3. Practice Some Spontaneity

While this may seem contradictory to planning, it’s important to also recognize as a mom that there are some things you cannot plan for. Being more spontaneous with the time you dedicate to self-love is a fun, fulfilling way to take care of yourself! Splurge on yourself with some retail therapy after work the next time you have a free hour.

Better yet, be spontaneous with your everyday look in a way that allows you to celebrate who you are.

That bright new hair color you’ve secretly been wanting to try?

Go for it.

Making last-minute changes that bring you joy will not only make you more spontaneous; it will also leave more room for self-love in your life! If you’re someone who prefers to have a set schedule as opposed to waiting until the last minute, embrace the irony of planning a day to be spontaneous.

While it may be difficult for you at first, you’ll find that letting go of the rigidness of your daily tasks might be precisely what you need to better love yourself. For most moms, it can be hard to find time for self-love because it’s easy to become attached to a schedule.

Don’t let your wants and needs slip away, make spontaneous decisions that put a smile on your face!

4. Don’t Settle

Finding time for self-love as a mom can seem incredibly difficult because most moms tend to settle for less when it comes to themselves.

Putting your children first is an admirable quality, but it is one that should not come at the cost of losing the entire being in the process.

As a mom, it is possible to put the needs of your kids first and still find time to love yourself.

How to Find Time to Love Yourself as a Mom

The key to finding balance as a mom is to stop settling for less. Having a month where you have no time to yourself is okay; in fact, it’s normal for most moms.

However, settling for a cycle of never having time to destress is a problem.

Stop settling and make self-love a habit. If you’re someone who enjoys getting up early, use a little extra time in the morning to watch your favorite show or read a book that’s been collecting dust.

For moms who consider themselves to be more of the night owl type, practice self-love, and self-care rituals before you go to sleep! Even the busiest of moms have some part of their day where they’re free, even if it’s just for a short period.

Take those moments and make a habit of not settling for less than you deserve!

As you reflect on your current schedule, are you making time for self-love as a mom?

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