Great Customer Service and Paying It Forward

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I’ve been very fortunate to enjoy some amazing experiences as an American Express Gold Rewards Cardmember as well as an AMEX Ambassador, from food festivals to a family weekend away. Recently I was given the opportunity to pay it forward, rewarding someone else who delivers the same customer service experience I have grown to love and expect from American Express.

As we have discovered when traveling with the kids, a single person’s treatment of you can change a good experience into an exceptional one. There seems to be a negative preconceived notion from some businesses when you enter with kids in tow, especially true when it comes to dining. It is no wonder many parents feel the need to visit “family-friendly” chain spots with plastic table clothes and an uninspiring children’s menu. As parents exposing our kids to new and interesting dining options is important so I knew I wanted to acknowledge someone in the service side of the restaurant business with our American Express pay it forward gift.

American Express Pay It Forward Latte

We have been very fortunate in our area to deal with a number of great servers, acknowledging the kids as people, being courteous and friendly. One such person, or rather couple, has to be Carlos and Sandra Flores. This husband and wife team at my favourite Espresso Bar are very friendly to their regular customer base, greeting them by name and remembering details about their personal life but what really struck me was their interaction with not only my kids but other families who stopped in for a morning coffee and pastry.

American Express Pay It Forward Gift

It’s true, we have to ensure our kids know the appropriate way to behave when out and sometimes you need to implement a few quiet tactics but feeling welcomed in a business makes both kids and their parents feel good. Who doesn’t like feeling good? I’m not alone on this.

According to American Express more than three out of four (76%) consumers say they have spent more with a company because of a history of positive customer service experiences.

American Express Pay It Forward Infographic

As Toronto Star retail columnist Rita Zekas pointed out in our conversation with her, sharing your great customer service experiences with others can have a positive impact, reinforcing behaviours we appreciate. Thanks to American Express we were able to acknowledge our positive experience with Carlos and Sandra by way of an American Express Gift Card. Of course it was nice that I could earn Membership Rewards when I bought this card with my American Express Gold Rewards Card at my local Shoppers Drug Mart.

American Express Pay It Forward Giftcard

As a parent my free time often feels pressed so why waste those moments in establishments where my kids and I feel unwelcomed? Have you ever felt mistreated in an establishment because you brought your kids? Better still, have you experienced amazing service when out with the family? Just like the experience I receive from my American Express, I have come to expect other businesses to deliver at the same level. We should all feel this way, sharing these experiences with others. If you’re on twitter be sure to follow @AmexCanada and the hashtag #AmexLife to discover some other great businesses delivering on a positive customer service experience and maybe share your own.

This post was sponsored by American Express Canada but as always the opinions and experiences in this blog are purely my own.

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. Thank you for awarding us with the pay it forward from American Express. We love what we do and great customer service is given to each and every client who walks in regardless of age. Thank you again 🙂


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