Gift Giving that Pays It Forward

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Sharing is Caring!

There are the gifts you can buy in the shops and the gifts you can make at home but Etsy gifts are ones that pay it forward. Etsy Canada is a community of small businesses and buying gifts from these shops not only provides a unique handmade gift for those on your shopping list, it also supports those turning their talent into a business.

Of course the hardest part about shopping on Etsy Canada is deciding on what to get. Etsy invited me to buy a holiday gift for myself and share the love by introducing Etsy to someone else in the form of a unique Etsy purchase. Shopping on Etsy’s site I found my dollars could go further than expected, enabling me to cover more people on my wish list.

The Teachers. Teachers always seem to get the same thing from families so what better way to get them something unique from an Etsy shop. Silver Beauty’s pocket mirrors can slip nicely into a teacher’s bag. Plus all the different designs means each teacher can get the same gift but suited to their personality, like this arty kitty ($5.42 Cdn).

The New Baby. My neighbours just welcomed a new baby and the kids wanted to get her something. The 3 Princesses sells natural toys for kids and this personalized iPhone wood teether toy seems fitting as a gift from our tech savvy family ($13.01 Cdn).

The Playful. My daughter loves her bath time. She’ll hangout in the tub long after the water’s gone cold. Momma B Naturals’Playdoh Glycerin Soap is a perfect gift ($4.99 Cdn).

The Fashionista. My oldest daughter loves jewelry but not the girly stuff you would expect. Rap Scallion Designs has so many fun items, like the Death Star locket ($25.00 Cdn) and this Tiki Statue ($20.33 Cdn) but I think she’ll fall in love with this Zombie Heart Locket ($26.70 Cdn).

The Spy. My son loves a good mystery. He loved pretending to be a rebel when we were in Williamsburg, Virginia. Luminosity Ink has created these amazing Braille Secret Code Kits ($13.01 Cdn).

The Quiet One. My mom loves lavendar so I think she would enjoy this natural Lavender Soap from PureNaturals ($6.50 Cdn).

The Collector. My husband loves hand carved wood and this storage box in Zebrawood from PaulSzewc is beautiful. This will be perfect for storing his extra record cartridges. ($27.10 Cdn).

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Gift shopping at Etsy Canada enables me to share some unique gift ideas for those on my list. Better still it allows me to pay it forward and support those in the Canadian creative community.

Thanks to Etsy Canada for the giftcard so that I could tackle some of my holiday shopping while supporting small businesses.

Sharing is Caring!

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