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Okay, so you’ve decided that you need to unplug. Your online contacts just can’t make up for the time you’re missing with family even if Blackberries and iPhones make technology work faster for you, wherever you are. But first, before you sign out, you’re just going to Google the rates for a vacation…

gorvingHold up! You’re not just going to book any old trip, are you? What about something a little less orchestrated, that isn’t one-size-fits-all? If you’re throwing off the shackles of technology, truly getting away from it all to spend time with your family is goal number one. Camping is proven to bond travelers throughout the entire holiday,

Even better, camping in an RV!

You think you know everything there is to know about RVing, and it’s not for you? Guess again. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out on a caravan-load of fun. Dismiss the concerns that RVers aren’t your kind of people, that it’s not the kind of style you’d like to travel in, that they’re too expensive or cumbersome to navigate and ponder this…

RVs get you away from the stress of city life in the amount of time that it takes you to drive. You won’t miss out on time with those who matter most while you wait for airplanes, luggage check-ins and customs. Usually you have to sync vacation time with your family’s work or school schedules, but RVing lets you decide on Friday to leave for a weekend retreat.

gorving2What do you drive, now? RVs handle as easily as a mini-van, without the need for special licensing, and with all of the modern styling and comforts of home. Except that you get to experience freedom on the road with amenities like stoves, refrigerators, toilets and showers in many models. In larger campers, you also get kitchen facilities and air conditioning. All this cozy comfort with the people you care most about. In fact, winter RVing is possible, too, with improvements like double-glazed windows, a higher BTU furnace, heated tanks and upgraded insulation.

RVs get you where you want to go, whenever, with whomever, and they’re typically less expensive than traditional vacations. For the cost of some traditional holidays, you could take many RV trips! And even after factoring in fuel, insurance and the cost of the RV, itself, RV vacationing is cheaper than cottaging.

RVs come in all shapes and sizes, with various amenities and upgrades, pricing and levels of luxury – these aren’t just motorhomes! There’s an RV for every budget, and for anyone, whether you’re a young family, a couple looking for some alone time, or world-seeking retirees.

Best of all, if flexibility, affordability and a fun way to bond aren’t the only thing you need from a get-away, what about this: you can elect to park your RV at a nearby campsite, so it’s always available for you to scoot off from the big, busy world, without cramping your style – no driveway space needed!

Aren’t you just itching to plan a camping trip?

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