Friendship is Fun This Summer

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Is it just us, or have all the kids in Canada started saying ‘I’m bored’ in unison? Well, it’s time to banish that boredom by taking part in an innovative new video contest that celebrates friendship.

Just Be FriendsTM (jbfKIDS.com) is sponsoring a video contest that promises to keep your kids busy and help your community connect, all while offering a bunch of fantastic prizes!

The A Million Acts of Friendship Video Contest challenges families across the country to film and submit a short video that captures what friendship means to them.

The lucky grand prize winner will receive $1,000 cash, a $1,000 donation to their school, an Apple iPad Mini, a backpack full of goodies, a six-month subscription to Just Be FriendsTM, and the opportunity to have their video featured in a national marketing campaign for Just Be FriendsTM.

“We all know it isn’t easy keeping children busy and entertained over the summer holidays,” says Just Be FriendsTM founder and CEO Janice Taylor. “Many parents are also looking for new and compelling ways to encourage positive social behaviors. The A Million Acts of Friendship Video Contest gets the whole family talking about the value and meaning of friendship while giving the kids something fun and creative to do, and the opportunity to win some incredible prizes!”

Janice leads the Kelowna-based Just Be FriendsTM on a mission to unite people, and build community – one friendship at a time. The team at Just Be FriendsTM have been working hard to build a website for families, and create programs such as the school-based A Million Acts of Friendship campaign and the A Million Acts of Friendship Video Contest. They even made their own friendship video to help you get your ideas flowing!

So what are you waiting for? Wave bye bye to boredom, create your family’s friendship video, and join jbfKIDS.com to enter the contest before August 19, 2013. It’s open to residents of all Canadian provinces except Quebec.

Sharing is Caring!

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