Family Photo Shoot

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If you are looking for a way to do something fun and memorable as a family – yet something that doesn’t cost, I have a fantastic idea for you and that is to go on a family photo shoot.

Our family loves photography and capturing a moment forever. We also like to do things together that don’t cost a lot yet continue to form and strengthen our bonds with one another. So it makes sense that we have a blast when we go out on a mini family photo shoot. All it takes is one day of beautiful sunshiny weather, a digital camera, some scenic locations, and a few change of outfits.

When our family went out on a photo shoot, we dressed casual because that’s who we are on a normal day-to-day basis. We wore denim shorts and capris yet each one of us brought about 3 different shirts to change into. We worked together with how our colors would look and complimented each other’s look. Then, we decided where we wanted to go. For us, we had some railroad tracks near our house that we wanted to check out so that was our first stop. We also had a scenic park we wanted to visit, a cool building, and some more urban environments like a cool painted alley downtown. You can go anywhere you want to – a local meadow, a beautiful park, a creek, river, or lake, or even a scenic barn. The ideas are limitless.

Our family stopped for sandwiches for lunch to break up our day as well as brought snacks along to keep the “grumps” at bay. We just had a great time. Initially, the photo shoot was my idea because I wanted some current pictures of our family, but when we got home my oldest daughter asked me when we could go out and do another photo shoot. That showed me that it truly was a great day together. We laughed and were just together outside which was a great way to spend our time. You get to do something fun, go to neat places as well as make a memory. You can’t beat that!

Give it a try. I bet your family will have fun once you get going and it’s neat to see how each person comes up with different ideas for poses – for they all don’t have to be serious! Have fun with it and just enjoy the process. You can enjoy doing photo shoots during different seasons to get different backgrounds and moods for your pictures. A “Fall” photograph with gorgeous leaf-changing trees can lend a totally different flare than an early summer photograph with nice, lush green trees.

Whatever you decide, and whenever you choose to go – I bet you anything you’ll want to do it again and again. It’s a great way to spend the day together as a family and gain memories in the process.

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. Family photoshoot is definitely a fun way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. You could also incorporate fun props such as balloons, water guns, toys for some cool “action shots”.


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