Family New Year’s Eve Movie Picks on Netflix

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My kids look forward to celebrating the New Year. We fill our bellies with baked treats and nibbles most of the day, sing a few carols, play some games, and reminisce about the year that has ended and the one that is about to begin. Of course their favourite part of the celebration has to be staying up until midnight for the countdown. Netflix makes it easy with an all day/all night movie marathon.

Of course if you have little ones, Netflix Canada has all sorts of kids shows and movies to entertain the G-rated set. Their new series, King Julien, even shares a fun New Year’s Eve party clip and countdown (4 minutes long) if you kids want to party but can’t stay up too late.

Here’s just a snippet of the dance party the kids will enjoy:

My kids are a little older and view midnight as a challenge. Sometimes they make, sometimes they crash on the couch but either way we’ll have fun watching some of our celebration-worthy movie picks/

Holiday Inn (1942, no rating)

This is one of our favourite Christmas movies but it’s perfect for any seasonal celebration. The film is full of song and dance, celebrating various holidays throughout the year with the first celebration welcoming in the New Year.


Sleepless in Seattle (1993, PG)

One of my favourite movie couples. Have you seen them in Joe Versus the Volcano or You’ve Got Mail? Love! Sleepless in Seattle adds a little holiday romance and some fun humour to your New Year’s Eve movie night. There’s also great family appeal with the widowed dad stumbling into romance again.


Princess Bride (1987, PG)

This is a family favourite and always a first pick when it appears on Netflix Canada. This is a fun twist on a classic fairy tale. You’ll find a princess and prince, romance, sword fights, and some silly humour.


Julie & Julia  (2009, PG-13)

The New Year always stirs a desire to start new things, try new challenges. That’s the chord Julie & Julia hits, two women taking on a challenge that interests them, even if others don’t think they have what it takes. Everyone can use a dash of inspiration for the New Year.


Perfect Pitch (2012, PG-13)

New Year’s Eve is about a celebration right? So add a little fun with music (and perhaps a little competition). No doubt everyone will be humming and smiling with this movie on screen. Can you think of a better way to end the year?


While You Were Sleeping (1995, PG)

Another by chance encounter that happens on Christmas. There’s something magical about relationships that start during the holiday season. Of course a relationship based on a lie may not be the best way to start. This is another romantic destiny movie with a little humour that only Sandra Bullock can bring to a film.


The Lunchbox (2013, PG)

Food, chance encounters, hand written intentions, it’s all in this Indian film The Lunchbox. A film based on food alone has me interested. Isn’t that a big aspect of New Year celebrations in most homes? I can just smell the mix of flavours as they are presented on the screen. The film has a mix of English dialogue as well as subtitles, great for those avid readers in your home. Trying something new, such as a foreign film, as you prepare for what the year ahead may bring.


In Time (2011, PG-13)

Not all New Year’s Eve movies have to be romantic and sing-songy. The idea of never getting older after the age of 25, being young forever, seems fitting for the New Year while we’re contemplating our resolutions. The premise (with a fair amount of shooting, fights, and dangerous driving) is right what this action family will be keen to watch.


Serendipity  (2001, PG-13)

I’ve always had a crush on John Cusack and Serendipity is one reason. I love the idea of things (good things) happening by chance. This is just a romantic feel good movie and there’s nothing wrong with that for the family is there?


After the Kids have gone to bed…

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014, R)

I love that my kids try very hard to stay awake, and most times they succeed, but this year I’m sort of hoping the fall asleep early so hubby and I can watch this film. Grand hotels like this offer that lovely fantasy of luxury, travel and escape and who wouldn’t want that as part of their New Year (without the police of course).


Well that about sums up our New Year’s Eve movie marathon. Our list offers a great mix of fun, fantasy and action to keep everyone entertained as mark the hours until midnight.

What is your family plan this New Year’s Eve? Have your kids ever made it to the midnight hour?

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