Enriching My Life With the Little Things

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Age really is a wise friend. Perhaps it is seeing my kids grow-up at an alarming rate that has caused me to appreciate what is really important and sometimes it isn’t all about the big moments.

As my kids grow more into their own, creating a little wedge between us where friends and new personal interests slide in, I find I’m spending more time enjoying those little moments together as much as I can. Whether it’s huddled under a blanket watching the Santa Claus parade or having a pillow fight in a hotel room when we take a family trip, these little things remind me to enjoy the moment, live with enthusiasm, and save these mental memories.

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Of course my American Express Gold Rewards card makes some of these little moments possible. My heart swelled seeing my oldest daughter tear up during a performance of Les Misérables, a dinner and show experience I was able to secure thanks to an Amex Delights offer. I smiled hearing my kids’ excitably notice a coyote on the hills as we drove the California coastline with our car rental through the American Express travel site. A tear, a smile, a belly laugh, they are small things to an outsider but they are huge to me. And they are addictive. The more you experience these little things with your kids, the more you want to fill your life with them.

I know as my kids get older they will choose more time with friends to fill their day. Until that moment I want to enjoy as many little moments as I can. Of course my hope is that my kids get as much enjoyment out of these little moments as I do. By taking pleasure in the every day I hope they understand the importance living with enthusiasm, seeing these experiences as enriching and an attitude they will carry with them into adulthood.


That is also what we do as parents right? We want to share happiness with our kids now while they still want to hang out with us, but we also want them to appreciate what made them happy. We want them to remember these little moments and take that attitude of finding joy in small things, in living in the present, forward into their own adult life. What a great cycle that would be?

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My American Express card does help and perhaps it will stave off just a little longer the desire in my children to move away into their own worlds. I can hope right?

As much as we remember, photograph, and share those big moments, let’s not forget the joy found in the smaller, every day occurrences. Seeing Christmas lights reflected in your child’s eyes as you walk through your neighbourhood. Sharing a cup of hot chocolate, letting the kids eat all the whipped cream off the top. Listening to your child read a story to you at bedtime, helping with those difficult words.

American Express is all about enriching the lives of its Cardmembers, enabling them to enjoy the moment with superior service and added experiences. Just like my examples of how I like to enrich my life, American Express Canada wants to hear how you are living an Amex Life. Share your images online showing how you enjoy the most in your day whether with your family or on your own. Is it quiet moment in a coffee shop with your favourite read, making cookies for the holidays with the kids, or perhaps helping an elderly neighbour by shovelling their walkway

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I can’t wait to see what inspires you to live life to the fullest and I’ll be sharing some of my moments as well. Share your photos using the hashtag #AmexLife and you might be selected as the fan photo of the week and added to the monthly collage of AmexLife inspiration.

This post was sponsored by American Express Canada but as always, experiences and opinions are my own.

Sharing is Caring!

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