Down in the Pit Before Monster Jam

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The Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour hits our town today and we’re stoked. And yes, I mean I am too. I reluctantly took the kids to Monster Jam last year only to be won over. Before heading to today’s show, we were invited with a few other families down into the pit the night before.

We were able to get up close to two fan-loved Monster Jam monster trucks, Northern Nightmare and Grave Digger. These things are huge. The tires alone were almost my height. I love when Cam McQueen, driver of Northern Nightmare, was explaining how the drivers get into their vehicles. “It’s sort of like a tree house. We climb up underneath through a trap door.”

Along with meeting Cam, Grave Digger driver Jon Zimmer and Maximum Destruction driver Neil Elliott were on hand for photos, autographs and questions from little (and big) fans. The huge dirt track also comprises of cars to make those great bumps the trucks drive over. Guests were invited to leave their mark on two demolition cars as well as add dirt to one of the hills. Here are a few photos from our night in the pit.

monsterjam pit1

monsterjam pit carhill

monsterjam pit gravedigger

monsterjam pit girl

monsterjam pit northern nightmare

monsterjam pit norther nightmare autograph

monsterjam pit car

We’re looking forward to seeing participating in the fan frenzy at today’s Pit Party before the show as well as the actual show. The Pit Party is a separate cost than you show ticket but it gives fans a chance to get up close to their favourite Monster Jam monster trucks and drivers. The Toronto show kicks off the Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour, continuing to Vancouver (BC), Edmonton (AB), Longdon (ON), Winnipeg (MB), Hamilton (ON), and Halifax (NS). If you think Monster Jam is just for the boys come see for yourself. You might find you become a new fan like me. Just don’t forget your earplugs.

Sharing is Caring!

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