Disney Infinity Preview Event

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Video Gaming is a big thing in our home and I think I’m the biggest gamer of all. When I first saw the planned playability of Disney Imperative’s Disney Infinity game at E3, I knew I had to get my hands on it and recently we were given the chance.

The Disney Interactive team knows how to have fun. At the media preview they had Disney characters greet guests on the red carpet. Okay, they were cutouts but we are taking about digital game characters.

disney infinity red carpet

Within the warehouse housing the preview, Disney Interactive set-up a number of different consoles. Glowing cubs, handspun cotton candy on neon wands, and nitrogen popcorn set the mood for a little fun but the main attraction was the game. Even the sugar-fun had to work hard to draw my kids away from their game controllers.

disney infinity warehouse

disney infinity preview nitrogen popcorn mix

disney infinity preview nitrogen popcorn

At the preview we had the chance to play the three environments within the Disney Infinity starter set: Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles. We also could jump into the Toy Box environment, enabling game players to be anything and do anything in a world you create. Where else could you paintball Cinderella or have Barbossa wield a fairy wand?

disney infinity console

disney infinity cinderella paintball

Our brief play experience only left us wanting more, me included. Thankfully we got our hands on a review copy of Disney Infinity and I’m looking forward to sharing our family’s gaming experience.

Does you family play video games? Have you been looking forward to the release of Disney Infinity?

Sharing is Caring!

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